Has Black Bike Week been Canceled?

Has Black Bike Week been Canceled?

A lot of people are hearing the news that Black Bike Week has been canceled or that Bike fest has been banned because of the isolated shootings that took place Memorial Day Weekend in Myrtle Beach.


Black Bike Week has not been canceled and cannot be canceled!


Because of the negative events that took place during the weekend by local area criminals, a lot of people are calling for the end of the BikeFest, but the event isn’t going to be judged by a few local criminals who crashed our rally to start drama.


The Police chief and the Mayor of Atlantic beach have both declared that the incidents were not BikeFest related.


The criminals were from the local area with a history of crime not during Bike fest. They were not Bikers who traveled to the beach for the rally.


But, a few stereotyping Bigot in the Myrtle Beach Area who don’t like the rally are trying to call for its end, but nobody is listening.


They are trying to pressure Atlantic Beach, and Spread Rumor over the internet and thought the Myrtle Beach Press.


But Black Bike Week / BikeFest is not Canceled!

The event will continue as usual next May the 22nd to May 25, 2015.


Spread the word!!


Question: What about Governor Haleys’ Comments?

Governor Haley is just following what Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes is telling her, BUT neither the Myrtle Beach Mayor or Governor Haley have the power to stop the rally!

The Only people who can stop YOU from traveling to the beach on Memorial Day Weekend is YOU!


Don’t believe the hype!


Myrtle Beach has a history of trying to stop the Rally, even during years with no shootings!   Some groups in Myrtle Beach hate the rally and look for any reason each year to stop it.   One year it was Traffic Accidents, another year it was traffic issue congestion and liter on the groudn. Each year they look for anything to justify stopping the rally because they never wanted it in the first place.   The shooting is just the scapegoat they are using this year.


And the shooting were not related to the Rally!


One shooting involved drugs, done by a known criminal already on probation for a shooting not during Bike Week.

The other shooting involved local area gang members, also known for other shooting not during Bike Week.


The some in Myrtle Beach Press are trying to stereotype everyone at the event, to portray the whole event as being bad, to justify pressuring Atlantic Beach to cancel it, but nobody is believing them because of their history of Racial Bias.

The Mayor of Myrtle Beach or Governor Haley don’t care about the Victims “All South Carolina Residents”, they care about politics.


There was a murder in Myrtle Beach the weekend after Bike Week, but you don’t see them on camera calling for the end of anything.


Question: So what’s in Store for next year?

More people, and honesty More Police.  But more police is a Good thing, Hopefully that can discourage the local criminals and gang members from crashing our rally and starting problems for us and the  Myrtle Beach locals!

One side of the road might be blocked off, but that is also a good things because it will allow Emergency Vehicles to get to the scene of any potential accidents, and allow the Police to keep an eye out on the event to protect use from the criminals.

Harder Police crack down:  This is something we are already used to. But, For us law abiding bikers and vacationer this isn’t an issue, but it will be a big problem for those who come to act like fools.  Hopefully they can tickets and lock all them idiots up who come to our Rally to cause problems.


Remember: There is “THEM” and “US”.

“US” being the law abiding citizen who come to ride, party, and enjoy the event, and we are the Majority.

Then there is “THEM”:  the local area criminals and gang members from the surrounding areas, who come to steal our bikes, rob us,  harass us, and to cause drama!  “They are the Minority“.

We are not the same just because we share the same skin color and vacation destination!!  And nobody has any right telling us law abiding citizen that we can’t come to the beach for our vacation because of the action of another person because we share the same skin color!

The racist are trying to stereotype “US” “100,000’s law abiding Americans” with “THEM” “a handful of local area criminals and gang members”


That’s not how American works, and Federal rights over rule Local government prejudice!


So spread the word,  Black Bike Week has not be Canceled or Banned!

And If anyone else tell you opposite, tell them to check their fact.

This isn’t the first time Myrtle Beach has tried to stop the Rally, It’s like the 5th, and each time we showed up and showed out!!


While the Prejudice Myrtle Beach Press try to paint a very negative Image of the Rally, here is the Real view from Sean Dunn’s Documentary:



See everyone on the Beach in 2015!

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