Myrtle Beach “Propaganda” Parade


There is No Such Thing as a Veteran Parade in Myrtle Beach Memorial Day Weekend. 

I Repeat!!

There is No Such Thing as a Veteran Parade in Myrtle Beach Memorial Day Weekend. 


It’s all a Lie!!

There was never a “Military Appreciation Days “or a Veteran Day Parade in Myrtle Beach Memorial Day Week.

For the last 30+ years, each and every year, there was a biker rally Black Bike Week (Atlantic Beach BikeFest).

If You didn’t Know: 

In 2009 when the Myrtle Beach Government Unconstitutionally tried to Ban All Motorcycle Rallies in the City they “Claimed” they was going replace the Biker Rallies with the “Military Appreciation Days”, and instead of Black Bike Week there was going to have  a Veteran Day Parade.

But the Biker Rallies never stopped! and the Supreme Court kicked out their cases!

In a PR move attempting to pimp people’s love and support for our troops a False Narrative was created portraying the already existing Black Bike Week Rally as preventing/hindering the parade for Vets. The Myrtle Beach Press ran with the story in print and online, appealing for sympathy while condemning the Biker Rallies!

“Oh My, Big Bad “Black” Biker Week is hurting a parade for our Vets,….. How dare they?”  LMAO

It was All a bunch of Bullshit!

20 damn People showed up for the So Called Parade while Black Bike Week was already in Progress.  99% of the people in Attendance were there for the Motorcycle Rally, not a Parade.

The Administration “and the local Press” was using OUR Vets  as a PR tool to promote Segregation on their beach!

Yes, Myrtle Beach Does Shit like this!

If you hear anyone claiming a “Veteran Day Parade” you are listening to a straight up Liar!  And they know they are lying to YOU, but they are hoping you didn’t know!

Well, Now you KNOW!

FYI: Tons of Vets attend both Motorcycle Rallies each year and have been for decades!


Don’t ever trust anything that comes out of the Myrtle Beach Press.

Here is a  Secret Tip to figure out if the Myrtle Beach Press is lying:

“If they are talking, they are Lying!”

They’re not Real New Organizations or Real Newspapers…  they’re Organized Propaganda Institutions.  Their job is not to report to the News, but to shape Public opinion in the City for public policy!

They don’t adhere to any form of Journalistic Integrity!   Imagine FOX news on Steroid and you have the Myrtle Beach Press.   Myrtle Beach’s social consensus is a echo chamber of Right Wing Conservative Ignorance!  You have a few online papers that are fair and balanced, but they don’t get much circulation in the city.

So whenever you hear anything coming out of the Myrtle Beach Press, Be very skeptical and check the facts!