Don’t Book a Hotel for Black Bike Week Until you Read this

Don’t book a hotel for Black Bike Week until you read this.

If you never been to Black Bike Week, don’t pay for a hotel before you ask someone about it Too many people buying a hotel THEN asking if it’s good after the fact. Don’t waste your deposit!

  • Dont listen to hotel reviews on websites for white people
  • Dont fall for hotel advertising on black bike week websites (Including this One)
  • The best way to find a Black Bike Week hotel is to ask someone who has been to Black Bike Week
  • Dont buy a hotel based on prices alone
  • You can cancel your hotel if you want dont feel stuck
  • Buying your hotel online is the best choice
  • Hotels might over book just in case people cancel at the last minute check your reservations
  • Dont book a room at a hotels for white people “they will call the police”
  • If you booking a room with Friends GET THE MONEY UP FRONT
  • If you renting a private condo or house GET THE AGREEMENT IN WRITING
  • Book your hotel through businesses that support Black Bike Week, not ones who just wants your money

1. Don’t listen to reviews on some Hotel websites. Their reviews are from white people during non Black Bike Week vacations ex: “Honey moons, family reunions and shit”. What’s good for a 2 week summer vacation or a honeymoon might not be good for Black Bike Week. Just because a hotel has a ton of luxuries and shit doesn’t make it a good hotel for Black Bike Week. Black Bike Week Hotels are all about Location, Location, and Location, not extra bull shit in your room that you aint going to use.

Repeat: don’t let the luxuries fool you. A nice hotel in the wrong place is worthless.


2. Don’t listen hotel to advertisements on Google. Google gets paid to promote those hotels regardless of if they are good or not! Any whack ass hotel can advertise, then sell you a whack hotel , but charge you like its Hot!!. My first year we got our room through an advertisement, and the hotel cost 1600 for the weekend, it was 15 miles from the strip “2 hour in bike week traffic”, and the hotel was full of white families.
The best way to find a good hotel for Black Bike Week is to ask someone who has been to Black Bike Week before or to choose from the list below

Online Travel sites are:

Stay away from knock off travel sites claiming the cheapest price, rebates or free nights and all that bullshit. Hotel ain’t giving shit away during Memorial Day weekend “way to much demand for hotels for them to be giving out discounts, and people are fighting for the best hotels, so hotel ain’t competing for your business”, Matter of Fact that Charging High as price. Well till May and you will see. You will book your hotel through one of these offers thinking you get this free night, then at check out you will find out that the fine print excluded Memorial Day, or that low rate only applied for the first night. “If something sounds to good to be true, IT NOT TRUE !!”

Please Dont risk your Black Bike Week weekend on some untried ass hotel even if the price is dirt cheap

3. Dont book at room at a majority white or family oriented hotel, or condo. If youre staying at a white resort and having a loud party, staying out too late, or just having too much fun, they will call police on yall ass!!!! Youve been warned. My first year I learned this the hard way, stay at a majority Black Party hotel!!!
“Please make sure your hotel is recommended by someone who has been to Bike Week and make sure they know what they talking about. 

4. Don’t buy a hotel based on price alone. It may be cheap up front, but when you factor in:

  • Cost of travel “at bike week 10 minute = 1hour”
  • Gas
  • Time spent trying to find a parking spot
  • Travel time to and from the parties
  • Cost of parking
  • Security
  • Chance of DUIs driving back to your room

You could end up saving by paying a little extra by staying on the strip or closer to the action.

“Don’t be a cheap skate, remember: You get what you pay for! If you hotel cost less for the weekend then most hotels cost a night, you should already know why” But if you want cheap anyway here is a list of the cheapest hotels

5. You can cancel your booking at any Hotel up to 14 Days prior to your stay. Dont feel like youre trapped in a hotel if you already booked a book. Most Hotels will only charged you small non refundable service fee usually less then 20 bucks. So you if find another spot thats jumping, switch it up!

6. Buy your hotel online. When you call a hotel their prices are at their maximum, if you arrive in person their prices are whatever you can afford. When you book online hotels usually offer a little cheaper prices due to the amount of online competition.

8. If your hotel sucked, hop online and leave a bad ass review why hotels treat online reservation a little bit better. If you hotel was tight, leave a good review.

7. If you know a good hotel, but its booked up, check back here, someone may have cancel and a room might be available, and i do my best to highlight last minute room “Last Minute Love”

8. No hotel should force you to pay the balance in full upfront; you should only have to pay a deposit to reserve your room, and then pay the balance at check in, and No hotel should prevent you from canceling “minus a non refundable service fee”

9. No hotel should force you to stay longer then you want. If a hotel says they only allows weekly booking during black bike week, choose another hotel “unless you plan to stay for a week”

10. No hotel should make you sign some crazy list of rules while your staying, or force you to pay any type of room damage deposit.

15. If you renting a unit or house from a private party, get the agreement signed and faxed to you. Someone might call the rental/house owner at the last minute and offer them way more money. Then the owner comes back to you with some excess about how they can’t rent the unit any more. Then you ride by and find people renting it LOL. Seen this shit before”

11. If your going in on a Hotel with Friends Get the damn money upfront. No short’s, No Layaway. If they aint got the money, find a cheaper hotel you can afford. Don’t be stuck at the last minute with a hotel you can’t afford alone.
We hope these tips help you enjoy you time on the beach.

See everyone on the beach, cause it’s going down in 2010