Video Camera Dos and Don’t for Black Bike Week

1.Get a camera with zoom.

2.Make sure you aint video taping a dude in drag.

3.Get the whole view “don’t just zoom in on ass”.

4.Keep the camera steady or get a camera with stead shot.

5.Zoom out before you start looking around.

6.Make sure she is off age before you put her on camera doing something wild.

7.If your uploading to Youtube cut out the bull shit parts “no body want to see the concrete of the strip, and add some music in the back ground “use Windows Movie maker, it’s free”.

8.Don’t be scared to get close or to zoom ” See something nice, get close”.

9.Cut out all the talking, nobody want to see you or here you talk gansta shit, just show the girls/cars/bikes!

10.If someone taping, get the fuck out the way. “don’t be blocking peoples shots”.

11.Leave the cell phone camera in your pocket, Get a real man camera.

12.Don’t be stalking a girl, video tape her walking by, don’t be following here for 20 minutes.

13.If she don’t want to be on camera, video tape anyway LOL “naw just wait an another fine ass girl who will be happy to be on camera will come by.

12.Focus on one nice thing at a time. There is going to be so many thing to video tape that the footage will look confusing ass shit and you probably wont get what you wanted.  Do 1-2 minute focus, zoom in, the zoom out look away, and catch something else.

13.When you ain’t video taping put the camera in standby, and if you going to upload to the internet cut our the video of the ground, brushes and shit.

14.Get an extra battery, and keep it with you. “don’t miss good footage cause the battery died”.

15.Charge the battery when you go back to the room.

14. Ladies if you dressing sexy you will get video taped. Acting like you don’t want to be taped will only get you tape even more and call bad names in the back ground.