Thing the Fellas got to look out for at Black Bike Week

Thing the Fellas got to look out for at Black Bike Week.

Girls who come to the beach with nothing but a few sexy outfits and bubblegum, cause they plan on drinking, eating off you “or the the dude house she went to before yours or the dude house she going to after yours”. ain’t no problem with having a party and sharing, but freeloader come with a purpose, and it ain’t You. They’ll  eat, drink, smoke up your shit then run to another dude room to fuck, Real talk!!

Beach bums
Girl who don’t have no room because they plan on staying on the kindness of stranger s”YOU” “no problem if she cool, and yall having a good time, but if yall ain’t, eviction time”

Biker Groupies
These girl don’t care about you, they care about riding “any niggas’ bike” and taking pictures and bragging to their girls.  They will have you riding to them to NC and back then hop off your bike on to another nigga bike in less then 5 minutes “at a gas station”.

They love BBW, young sexy men, drunk. They are getting their groove back. “if you see an older lady and you think she at bike week by mistake, she not, she looking for you”

Girl come in your room and leaves with more then they came in with “lock or hide your expensive shit”

Deep Cover Hos:
There nothing wrong with a prostitute but at bbw you got under cover ones. They will accept your drinks, smoke your weed, chill then make it known that they working and it’s going to cost you.

Up graders
They booked el cheapo motel for 39.99 a night “8 deep” and they want to chill with you “in a resort” for the weekend for the low price of a chance at getting a piece of ass.

Loose Cannons
These girl are like jack rabbit, they can’t stay still for a second “probably off drinks, and e pill”. They will waste your time having you going everywhere. Drop their ass and find a chill girl.

She males
Oh trust they at Black Bike Week hard, trying to set a nigga up “I even seen them on the back of nigga’s bikes in  videos from 2010 LOL” finding out you had a she males riding bitch hugging all on your back for 30 minutes up 17 ain’t cool

50 (Police)
When I say watch out for 50 watch be on your Ps and Qs. they looking for any reason to lock you up. Just keep it cool like you back home “in public, but once in the hotel, acts a fool”

Jail Bait:
I don’t know why, but some women bring their 15 and 17 year old girls to BBW.  And they be trying to get loose more then their mom. Check id.

Tour Guide/To Flight Security:
Don’t be any girls Chaperons or security for the weekend. Yeah they only 2 deep, and it’s their first time and they need a someone to show them around, but more then likely you’re being pimped to show them where to meet other dudes “after they dip from yall ass”

Miss Thang:
This is black bike week and it’s way to many girls, if you get more then 2 minutes of a bad attitude from a girl, DIP and look else where “don’t waste a minute of your vacation trying to impress someone with a bad attitude”

Gold Diggers:
Yeah BBW got gold diggers, they trying to get free food, entry to club drinks, etc “pay your own way, and if she a women she should be able to pay for her, but be a gentlemen and pay if she cool”

Handcuffing: After spending some time with you some girls might think you’re their “especially if she gave you some pussy”. “Set the rules at the gate or dip out”

Happy Pussy:
Don’t be made and try to handcuff if a girl you just got it in with, trying to get it in with someone else “some girls roll like that” consider it an assist

Over Drunk Girls:
Drinking is cool, but be carful with girls getting too wasted. If they regret what they did, who they did it with, or what they let you record them doing, the authorities might get brought into the situation.  If you getting some make sure it between to consenting adults, and not drunk as Shorty from the party who couldn’t even stand.

Girls from back home:
Don’t shit where you sleep.  There will be way to many new girls who you might never see again to meet and have fun with “and nothing will come back to haunt you “unless you ain’t strap up”

Cheating House Wives:
Yeah it might be tight the girl with her man down the hall offering you some pussy while her nigga out, but is it worth it?  Starting some drama is probably what she want “she probably aint want him going and decided to come along”.  To many single “at least for the weekend” girls alone to meet, then to be on some ole  R Kelly trapped in the closet shit at BBW – leave other niggas girls alone.

Dick teasers:
They now they aint giving you no ass, but they junt wana to see how far you will go to get it. At home maybe, at Black Bike Week, hell no. Dip,  People are out 24/7, leave, take a cold shower, and go searching again.

On the Rag:
Yep, it’s that time of the month, and it during Black Bike Week. “They are probably madder then you are” But know before you start wasting time getting intimate.