What to expect each day during Black Bike Week

The event is 3 days long  “or 4 depending on how you make”.

But what to expect during  those days?

Best days to stay are:

Thursday to Monday.

Arrive Thruday Night, leave Monday morning.

Thursday is prep day
Arrive, get your shit together, pick up last minute supplies, and maybe get some riding in, then hit a bars or Strip club “or hotel party if you know people”.

Friday is lose your got damn mind day!
Friday is when everyone arrives and just wants to wild the fuck out! Rider are touching down and jumping straight on their bike and riding out. Girls and guys flock to the strip.

Intermission:  people leave the strip, go back to hotels to shower and get ready for Friday Night.

Friday Night is Strip Night 
Ride up the down the strip “or walk”, Hit a club, then go back to the strip or maybe a hotel party. Getting drunk all night, and staying up till 8am the next morning!

Saturday Morning is recovery / Then Get it in even harder at night.
Recover Saturday morning, try to get some sleep, restock supplies, do some extra tourist shit, get some riding in.

Saturday Night is get loose night!
Saturday is when everybody is everywhere, and doing everything. If you ain’t having a good time it’s because you probably locked up LOL.
The Strip is ultra packed, The BikerFest is ultra packed, any club you want to go to is filled to capacity, and the parking lots outside of the clubs are packed.  Saturday is not a good night be at a hotel unless there is a party going on.

Sunday is reminisce and chill day
Recover during the morning from all the shit you did the night before.
Ride or walk the strip a bit, hit some stores up

Sunday Night is Last Call!
Sunday night people hit up hotel parties, get together with people they met during the weekend, and enjoy relaxing low impact parties. People don’t wild out to much “except for the people staying till Tuesday”.

Monday is get the fuck out of dodge day!
Recover, pack, and wait in traffic for hours while reminiscing and hiding evidence LOL.