(ABWD) After Bike Week Depression

Under Construction (This is just a Job LOL)

ABWD, or after Bike Week depression affect 4 out of 5 Bike Week vacationers.

Signs of after Bike Week depression are:

  • Wishing your ass was back in bike week.
  • You see a find girl on the streets and you start looking for your camera
  • Reliving you bike week moment in day dreaming.
  • Constantly talking about your Bike Experience “even when it’s inappropriate”.
  • Constantly watching and viewing your Bike Week videos and pictures you took.
  • Smelling the scent of Bike Week on your clothes.
  • Attempt to start your own party or event at you hometown trying emulate Bike Week.
  • Insistent need to frequent your local clubs search for that Bike Week party feel.
  • Feeling of sadness when you see non attractive men or women in your home town with stuck up attitudes. -”whisperring to yourself: I meeting sexier people at Bike Week who where cool, but this isn’t bike,so I got to lower my standards”
  • Searching to see if your company has offices near Myrtle Beach so you could relocate “I know I’m not the only one”
  • Partying like you out of your mind that first weekend back. People looking at you like WTF what’s acceptable at bike aint acceptable back home

Cheer up, there is a cure for ABWD. It’s call BikeWeekiedum, and it goes on sale May 27, 2010. Get your prescription filled.

Share some of your (ABWD) After Bike Week depression symptoms!