Winterizing Tips

Winterizing Tips:

“Stabil in gas and fill it upto the top of the tank, turn Petcock off if you have one and run your bike out of gas, lift it off the ground,put a battery tender on it, if storing in shed or garage dryer sheets keep mice and other things out of air boxes and exhausts, and put a cover on it.”

“Living room trophy”
“Move to Florida”


Jermaine Brown Since now one else will say it I will!!! Fuk y’all & y’all real rider shit anything below 60 I’m not riding shit!!! A real rider humph … More of a smart unsick rider!!! Not that fukn serious!!!! To to answe ur ? Hommie what I do gas stabilizer … start it like 3 Tyme a week … let it run 20 mins… if possible take it for quick spin around da block & cover it up!! Never had a problem
MeMe PO Stabilizer in gas tank, take battery out n put on wood or plastic surface, if bike can’t be stored inside then tire n bike covers
Mysta Abrams Bike cover…remove battery…if the bike will be stationary try to put the wheel stands under it to keep tires from dry rot…if not gonna start it @ all..drain old oil til u ready to ride again..make sure u remind yourself with a note there’s no oil…
Richard Chaplin Crank it up once a week and let it idle til the temp runs up and fan comes on.
Jay Cox Make sure u completely empty out ur gas tank…leave nothing in it during the off season…
Bane Brady Wash it, Take the battery out if you arent riding,chain it up(im in nyc) and buy a quality bike cover with a lock(in nyc they steal covers).


Serita Fly-Est Jefferson Pay to have put in storage
Jazz Mrsdirty Daniel Make SURE to drain all the gas out before putting up your bike for the winter…… This will save you from having to spend a lot of money getting your carbs cleaned from bad gas sitting in your bike all winter!!!


Michael Kaw-boi Hicks Jr. If u running str8 Water Wetter mix alittle antifreeze with it or completely change it to antifreeze. Water Wetter has no freeze protection other that ride on!
William Gibbs Get a battery tender!
TruePerfection AutoDetail Sea Foam in the tank to prevent fuel from gelling up in the carbs and or injectors. Conditioner and plastic wrap on seat to prevent it from chafing. Battery disconnected and indoors on a trickle charger.


Lynnda Moore I was told put stabilizer in a full tank of gas, tires off the ground, either take battery out and put in house or connect to a tenner and cover it up.. If you keep it in garage like I am.. That’s what my crew told me to do ..


Thomas O. Garcia Jr. Take to bike shop & get it winterized.


Melvin Giles Riddick Fill tank with gas and fuel treatment, run engine for 5 mins, max tire pressure,a piece of wood or scrap carpet under each tire, hook up to battery tender
Jerry Page Run engine then turn fuel off and let engine die. Fill tank and add half bottle if fuel stabilizer. Store battery inside and trickle charge it for 24 hours every 30 days.


Frank-Frank Dowe Don’t keep it outside, or get a really really good cover and then cover it again with a tarp. Don’t keep it on that cold ground, take the wheels off the ground with bike jacks. Take the battery out or hook it up to a battery tender… Lube that chain!!!!