7 Things That Will F**K UP Your Bike Week

The 7 Things that will Destroy your Black Bike Week

7. Coming with a broke ass bike

This should not even have to be mentioned LOL.  Do maintenance on your bike before you hit the beach, especially if it’s been sitting all winter!

6. Coming with Tag A longs

If they ain’t plan, save, and prepare, don’t be letting them roll with someone at the last minute. True Black Bike Weeker plan their shit early “i started in July 09″.

Keep you group size small and don’t over pack your room.

Remember more people equal:

More time to get ready
More opinion “everyone want to go to diff place”
Harder to equally pair a group of guys with a group of girls
More People = More Supplies more money “tips bring your own personal shit”
Last, all them damn people in one room make yall look cheap, step your game up
5. Not stocking up on supplies.
Get your supplies early. You don’t want to miss anytime a way from the fun. Also South Carolina doesn’t sell alcohol on Sunday so get enough Saturday or you ass will be drinking beer and wine trying to get drunk “been there”. Also, all the prices go up right before we get there “Atlantic Beach also”, so get supplies at home or on the way there.

4.Going to the wrong clubs or parties
Know the Clubs! (Paradise Party Compound in Atlantic Beach)
Repeat Know the clubs. Stay away from whack events and flyer you get down there Every promoter and their grandmother will be trying to get you to go to there cheap ass event. Best tips just hit follow DJ Blord!

3.Choosing the wrong location

And this year this is crucial, it could cost you money if you stay at the wrong place. Make sure you know how close your hotel is to the action. Don’t end up like 25 miles away from the action. Also if your riding learn the roads, don’t be riding and get lost. Check out the map and familiarize your self with it. Tip get there early to learn the street before the crowd arrives.

2.Choosing the wrong hotel.

Pick the right hotel near the action, and right type of hotel. Stay on the strip “North Ocean Blvd” or South Ocean Blvd , and Choose a tall mega hotel “not a motel or a hole is the wall shack “Some people know what i talking about LOL” Remember YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR LOL don’t be cheap ! An article on the best type of Hotel coming soon… Cause HOTEL SIZE DOES matter when it come to fun at Bike Week;)

1.Going with the wrong choice of friends.

This is the most important!!!! Everything else can be fixed this can’t
Please don’t go with these type of people:

Alcoholics – At Bike Week everyone drinks, but there is a difference between Bike Week drinking and an alcoholic. Taking an alcoholic to Bike Week is like giving gasoline to someone on fire, and both of yall asses are going to get burnt. Trust me, don’t waste your Bike Week bailing someone out of jail, or baby sitting a drunk friend in the hotel room.
Pessimist – People who always see the glass half empty. Bike Week is what you make, leave the negative folks at home.
Drama Kings/Queens – Bike Week is about fun, nobody wants drama, but some people love it , and attract it everywhere they go.
Blockers – Need I say more.
Broke People – If you ain’t got no money, stay your ass home, there ain’t no Dollar Store Bike Week “most of these people turn into Tag alongs”
People in relationships who boy friends/girl friends ain’t approve – Their drama will become your drama Trust me, and the other person might show up, don’t be trying to sneak no one to black bike week, and if you do don’t be shock at the outcome LOL.
I hope everyone have a enjoyable, safe vacation at Black Bike Week 2010