Texas Man Arrested For Lying Claiming #BlackLivesMatter Vandalize His Truck

A Week ago a man called the police claiming Black Live Matter and Fuck Your Flag members spray painted and robbed his truck. The News spread all over in Fox News style, and people were calling for a crack down on Black Live Matter and FYF. They were even calling people Terrorist!

Then the guy started a GoFundme account and raised $6,000 plus he got money from his insurance company, and had black people in the area under suspicion.

But this Race baiting idiot fucked up! After talking to the police, the press came to visit him. Hoping to make the damage look worse, he destroyed the inside of the cab of his truck. Only problem, the police didn’t see any damage to the inside??

Later it was discover He did all the Damage himself for money SMH…

You can’t make this shit up SMH….