White Myrtle Beach Resident calls BikeFest Attendee the N-Word then spits on him.

Myrtle Beach has a long history of racism and discrimination with many lawsuits won against it by the NAACP.

This year Myrtle Beach created a 23 mile cage they called a Traffic Loop keep Black Bikefest attendees in one place and under control.

Many say that Myrtle Beach is starting to show it’s Racist Colors AGAIN!!!

This incident with this woman isn’t limited to one White Resident, it only one Highlight that made it on video. Her attitude is shared all over Myrtle Beach, SC even within the administration.

This lady spit in his face, Myrtle Beach spit in all of our Faces with that unfair Traffic Loop!!

Myrtle Beach needs to be Sued for 2015!!!

View Video:


The Video was posted on the Black Bike Week Facebook Group