Cincinnati is preparing for riots After Release of Cop Shooting Video

Officials in Cincinnati decided to charge officer for the cold blooded murder of our brother ONLY Now that the video came out “Video Below” and proved the officers LIED about Sam Dubose dragging Tensing with his car forcing Tensing to shoot Dubose.

After a traffic stop for not have a Front License Plate a University of Cincinnati Police Officer, Sam Dubose ended up dead with his face blown off. The officer was wearing a body camera, but the city refuses to release the video. In the meantime, everybody who sees it is deeply disturbed, including the city wide police chief.


Feds prepare for riots in Cincinnati over police killing of black man


Video of Officer Ray Tensing Shooting Sam Dubose

== Warning Video is Graphic ==


Now we need to discuss as a country how Black people in America can be protected from these lying race soldiers PRETENDING to be cops,while hiding behind the badge while they racially target people for extermination.

Folk in Cincinnati bout to Turn