Black Bike Week 2010 Do's and Don'ts (Part 2)

Ok people spread the hell of of the first part of the do’s and don’t, so here is the second part “Part one is Here

Don’t take your girl or your wife/your man or your husband. Both of you are going to come home pissed off.

If you know your mate likes to act the fool, don’t tell him/her where you are staying.

Don’t park your bike where you cannot watch it.

If you rent a house, don’t leave it without chaining your bike to your trailer.

Gas up when you get close to empty (car or bike). You never know how long you will be sitting in traffic.

Don’t expect your cell phone to work consistently after Thursday night.

Make sure you are legit (insurance, tag, license, etc).

Don’t walk around in a bikini or swim suit without properly shaving. That will not help you get a ride.

Don’t come to Black Bike Week visibly pregnant trying to wear a two piece bikini.

Don’t try to have a conversation with your hiphugger while you are doing 80mph. Just wait till you stop.

Don’t get mad if the woman would rather holla at dude WITH a bike.

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Don’t come to Black Bike Week with a new crew and find out by accident that some of your peeps do not have the same sexual orientation as you.

Don’t get caught off guard. Make sure she is a she before you get booty butt naked. There are some HE/SHES at Black Bike Week looking for drunk brothers who won’t know the difference.

Don’t be one of the HE/SHES who gets caught trying to fool brothers. It won’t be pretty.

Don’t get caught up. Make sure she is a WOMAN and not a GIRL. Unless your “R. Kelly”, you will be sitting in jail hoping to get a short sentence. Know who is coming to your room. STATUTORY RAPE can get you 20 years. They don’t have to prove you knew how old she was. They just have to prove how old she was and that you had sex with her.

Don’t act like you have never seen a fine woman in a bikini before. Even if you haven’t, don’t act like it.

Don’t sell your boy out for some ass. If you need your boy to hold down chick’s friend, let him know ahead of time. Don’t spring the other chick on your boy at the last minute. Taking one for the team is an option not a requirement..

Don’t sell your girl out for some dick. If you need your girl to hold down dude’s friend, let her know ahead of time. Don’t spring the other dude on your girl at the last minute. Taking one for the team is an option not a requirement.

Don’t forget to bring protection. Ladies, that means you too.

Don’t plan on sleeping. You can sleep when you get home.

Don’t drink anything you did not see poured.

Don’t go to Black Bike Week thinking you have secured a ride for the week just because you have been chatting with someone over the internet. The likelihood of you actually seeing that person once you get to the beach is very small.

Black Bike Week is not the place to learn how to ride.

Black Bike Week is not the place for new riders.

It is a sad but true fact that the less you wear, the easier you can get a ride. Don’t be angry with me. I didn’t make the rule.

This one is for folks in cars. Bring a cooler with you. You never know how long you will be sitting in traffic and how long it is going to take to make it to the next store. Sitting in traffic at 3am thirsty, hungry and having to pee isn’t a good thing.

If you stay in Myrtle Beach but want to hang out in Atlantic Beach on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you better get up there early before the traffic gets bad. If you wait till noon to try to go up there, be prepared to sit in traffic for HOURS. There will be over 200,000 people in The Grand Strand by Saturday afternoon.

Make sure to have your bike serviced before bringing it to Black Bike Week. Your bike will most likely either overheat or the battery will die sitting in traffic waiting to make it up to Atlantic Beach.

If you have never been to the south in the summer time, get prepared to feel scorching heat like you have never felt before. It is hot as hell at Black Bike Week.

To check out the area and get a real feel for the Atlantic Beach area, go on Tuesday or Wednesday. That way you can travel freely, sight see and find out where everything is. You will slowly start seeing the transformation of the area Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning and Thursday night. By Friday night, you will be like “what the hell happened?”

Monday is going to be like a hurricane evacuation. The roads are going to be unbelievably clogged with everyone trying to make it to I-95 and the cops are going to be standing around doing absolutely nothing. Unless you just have no choice, leaving Monday morning is not the thing to do.

Be prepared for shout outs of all types. Compliments, rude shit, invitations to ride and other kinds of invitations too. Before you yell out some rude or nasty comment, ladies please remember that you may only be moving 2mph in heavy traffic.

Bring lots of film, videos tapes and batteries.

If you are not a rider, this does not apply to you so you can skip it. Make sure to specifically ask whatever accommodations you are getting if they allow bikes on their property. A lot of places do not. If they say yes, you need to have them explain exactly where the bike parking is. A lot of the hotels have parking decks and most of them are across the street. I don’t know about you, but I like to be able to step out of my room and see my truck, trailer and bike.

The sooner you make a decision about where you want to stay and make the reservation, the better. The closer it gets, the more they jack up the room rates.

When you see the news cameras, dont git real stupid. You might become a nationwide fool.

Pick your Police wisely. If they treat you foul, go to a better one. All of 'em not assholes. Majority are good.You wont win the pissin contest.

Ladies wantin you to get the pussy from the back without lettin you touch it.. (guy in drag, and youll be gettin ass)

Feminine shy guy wants to have oral sex. (Lesbian dressed like a guy, wants ta turn you out).

Easy win card games or guess which cup the ball in under..( The people that win the money are with him.. you are just being set up, Ladies run this con too.)

Somebody wantin to show you how fast the bike is. (aint NO PLACE THAT IS WIDE OPEN FOR SPEED EXCEPT DA TRACK..You askin for death.)

Free drink bought to you in a club, in a cup, in da dark. ( Can you say Rhohypnol, or "Fuck me while Im helpless"? Dont laugh fellaz, faggots are usin it on yall too. So you might take it up the ass for BBW.)

Ridin wit a drunk or a doper. (Drugs, everyone around it goes to jail if the person refused to admit its theirs)

Let someone know where ya go, and know who ya goin with.

Fellaz, before you HIT it, check it, know it, and protect yourself from it. ( Condom costs 75 cents. Ill give you one. Aids dont care and comes in a good lookin pussy too.Ladies, same thing, except it has a swollen head and spits when its finished.)

Food Poisioning - look at da cook, and da grill and watch how ya food is done. Especially at night.

Traffic - you might walk someplace faster than driving. Dont plan a long drive in the afternoon cause youll spend hours sittin stuck. Traffic is bumper to bumper from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon except for the wee hours of the morning up until around 10am the next day.

Pictures - dont do anything you cant stand to see later. Especially when ya gotz da internet. So you might be at work and a coworker pulls up a pic of you gettin ya pussy licked... or you lickin one.. gotta lil problem.

Leavin' ya window down while you walk off, the local thieves love this weekend. Mo cell phones, purses, stereos ripped than any other weekend. I would rather get back to a hot car than a cool one with all my shit gone..

Fellaz, wear a jammy ( not pajamas, a condom ) cause you dont want no phone calls later tellin you dat one night romp got her pregnant and she wants you to start child support. FIRST - she may not be pregnant, but knowin you married, outta town, and dont wanna fuck up da family life, you might start kickin out some Jeffersons..

Ladies, - same advice, except know who's puttin da dick to ya. Cause its fucked up to say ya got pregnant durin' bike week and thats all the details you can provide your child about his daddy.

Where is the best/livest/crunkest/most off da chain spot to be? you will get a different answer from almost everyone you ask. We put together the best list of the spot on this site and it’s legit. check it out and stop asking the same damn question all over the internet LOL.

LASTLY…be sure of the folks you are making plans with and check your Hotel Reservations. Myrtle Beach Hotel rooms book up fast during Black Bike Week. And you don't want to find out after traveling for hour that you don't have a hotel room!

Some of the of the Do's and Don'ts are from, and

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