50 Black Bike Week 2010 Dos and Don'ts

Black Bike Week Dos and Don’ts

1. Make sure you check the rules of the hotel/motel/condo/house you are renting. Some may or may not have a curfew or other rules you may not agree with.

2. When it comes to a crew of females getting rides, an even number is going to get more opportunities than an odd number.

3. If you have 5 in your crew and 4 bikes drop to the curb, somebody’s going to be walking or nobody is going to ride.

4. Never tell the fellas to find an extra rider to ride your girl. It’s not going to happen. The fellas will just find another group of women to ride.

5. Realize that some guys don’t come to Black Bike Week with the intention of riding women on their bikes. They just come to ride.

6. Realize that some women don’t come to Black Bike week with the intention of riding on the back of a bike. They just come to hang out at Black Bike Week.

7. Don’t get an attitude because dude does not want to ride you. There is another group of riders coming down the street in a few seconds.

8. Don’t get an attitude and say something fucked up to a woman if she does not want to ride with you. There is another beautiful woman right down the street who will be glad to ride with you

9. If you want to ride, don’t stand around looking like you are too cute to be approached. The extra thick friendly women were riding their asses off last Black Bike Week while the not so friendly looking/too cute to be approached/slim women were walking the strip wishing they were riding.

10. Make sure you let your girls know where you are going if you leave them to hang out with dude you just met.

11. Don’t be stupid enough to get on the back of a bike if the rider smells like alcohol or weed.

12. Don’t be stupid enough to let someone get on the back of your bike if he/she smells like alcohol or weed. They are your responsibility when you allow them to get on the back of your bike.

13. Be smart enough to get off that bike if you do not feel comfortable about the rider’s skills.

14. Check your reservation at least once every month to make sure the hotel has not messed up your reservation. They will do that crap and it is not always an accident.

15. Don’t think that just because you have been riding with dude all day, he is going to pay for your food when he stops to eat.

16. Be prepared to pay for your own no matter where you go.

17. Don’t think dude is not trying to hit it after you smoke up and drink up his shit.

18. Be prepared to walk back when you don’t let him hit it LOL.

19. Don’t come to Black Bike Week with folks that don’t enjoy the same things you do and expect to have a good time with them. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

20. Come to Black Bike Week with an open mind.

21. Don’t come to Black Bike Week with a stupid mind.

22. Everyone cannot wear everything.

23. Don’t disrespect the females at Black Bike Week.

24. Don’t get angry when guys take your picture.

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25. Don’t think you are not gonna be on someone’s website if you are at Black Bike Week.

26. Don’t think you are not gonna be on someone’s website if you have a half naked woman on the back of your bike.

27. Go to the supermarket and buy some grub (frozen drinks too). Cook it and let the aroma fill the hallway. Then just sit back and wait to see who drops by.

28. Don’t think you are too cute and leave the goggle or glasses in the room. A bug in the eye hurts like hell.

29. Make sure you bring sun screen cause we burn too.

30. Don’t forget your jacket. It may be chilly the first couple of nights.

31. Make sure you know who you are riding with because there are some sick ass guys who think you have to have sex with them in order for them to bring you back to your hotel.

32. Make sure you pin your wig down tight because it will make our day to see your wig fly off of Kings Hwy.

33. Travel with folks you can trust and you know will have your back at all times; anything can and will happen.

34. Don’t jump on a bike in the first 5 minutes you get there. Get settled in and check things out first.

35. Don’t go there thinking you are the cutest/most handsome person there. While you may look a lot better than most, there are at least a hundred others there who look better than you and most likely have a better attitude than you do.

36. If you got 5 stomachs, don’t wear no damn 2 piece bikini.

37. If your cycle is on, don’t get on the back on that man or woman’s bike.

38. Don’t come to Black Bike Week with a dirty, smoking bike. Change the oil and clean it up before you get there.

39. Don’t curse a female if she won’t shake her ass for you. There are other women who will.

40. Don’t act jealous when someone holla at your lady while her ass is hanging out all over the place.

41. Check behind the person who is in charge of making your reservation.

42. If you drink, buy enough to last through Sunday (no alcohol sold on Sunday in SC). You can buy it on the DL but it will cost you.

43. Don’t lose your money playing games of chance in a store parking lot.

44. Be suspicious of your surroundings. There is crime at Black Bike Week. There are lots of thefts. Be careful about where you park your bike.

45. If you have a DVD player in your car, know that the cops will lock you up if they walk by your car and see a porno playing.

46. Be careful about splitting lanes. Some cops do not mind and others will write you a ticket for it.

47. Don’t argue with the cops. You are not going to win. They will just lock you up and tow your bike.

48. Have enough money to get bailed out of jail and to get your bike/car out of impound.

49. Running from the cops in/on a vehicle is a felony in South Carolina

50. Don’t expect ALL the cops to be asses. A lot of them are having just as much fun as we are. Just understand that when they are walking by your car talking to you, they are actually looking and smelling.

Excerpt from another site. It is what it is, Not totally my opinion, but interesting none the less.
Black Bike Week Dos and Don'ts PART TWO
Some of the of the Do's and Don'ts are from http://www.chazznet.net/
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