7 Tips When Rolling with a Group

7 Tips When Rolling with a Group!

If you going to Black Bike Week with a group, here are some tips to help make your vacation a success.

People go in group, because they feel safer, things get cheaper with more heads, they feel their are bringing the party with them, but groups have their draw backs.

1. More people = More opinion, More to pair up “if you know what I mean”, and more people problems.

2. If you going with a group, make sure it’s a group of people you know and people you been out with before. Someone cool at Work, At College, or around the family, might not be good at an all out party vacation like Black Bike Week.

2. Go in even number groups. 3 is the worst number, 5 are even worse. Groups of 2, 6, and 8 are the best.

If people have disagreements, you can always can split up in groups of 2’s and be good. Most hotels have double beds, so two liked minded people can share a room.

If you with 3 or 5, someone will be the odd man out, and this might start a ton of argument and disagreements and fuck your weekend up. Nothing is worse then two grow men or two grown women arguing while on vacation.

3. When dealing with Hotel arrangement, get the cash up front and Set Hotel room rules.

Set up a payment plan “with a large upfront Non-Refundable deposit” No refunds
Ex: Total room is $1300, 4 people going. $150 upfront = $600 “$50 due a month”
If someone starts getting late, or don’t have the cash, subtract them, find a replacements person to cover their due amount.
That way the next person only has the balance due making it way way easier to find a replacement. If the person trying to come at the last minute “seen this before” don’t give them the hotel room number.

Hotel Room

I seen someone pay in for a hotel “like $50 on a $1400”, couldn’t pay the rest, then called that Thursday night asking how it's look and they about they bout drive down in the morning, like it’s going to be cool if they just come and crash at the hotel room.

Remember no refunds, the room has to be paid in full, if you don’t pay in full you don’t stay someone else will handle your obligations.

B. Set the rule from the Gate, no one, I mean no one is allowed to bring a tag alongs. Sucks when you paying top dollar for a nice suite, and your boyz boy staying their for free, and thinking they get time in the bed in shit. NO Tag alongs to the room we all paid for!!

Group of Girls

5. When riding even number are always the best. People naturally split up in group of two, and finding two girls to ride is easier then finding 3 or 5, or even 4. If you find a group of girl with more, just roll down the strip there will be more.

6. Smaller group equal more freedom. Unless your're with a groups of freak, people going to be hesitant about getting loose when surrounded by a big group of people who know them.

Two on two is a different story.

We it was me and my man and a girl and her friend, it was chill ;).
When it was me, my man and the crew, and a girl, her friend and their crew, we just drunk up all of our shit and talked shit LOL.

7. Loose lips sink ship. More people = more snitches and More Video Camera Evidence, and more haters. And The Beach will make haters!!
You maybe cool with this person before, and during bike week, but if bad blood comes, what/who you did at Black Bike Week could be used against you.

Some Tips to help: Try Split into two before the beach, when you going with a larger group “you don’t have to be a separationist, just call it the Battle Buddies System”, and handle reservation with groups of two or four at the most. Anything over four will cause problems “example: Who get the big room, who paid the most, who aint put in on drinks, etc”

7 tips

If by chance things looking like it’s going to be an odd number or people, pay someone’s way or let them roll for free. Having an extra wing man that can split up with a blocker could save your weekend, and possibly help the blocker gets some.

Last tip: Meet people on the Facebook. You might be able to dip from the group completely and get with people on the same page as you. “I know a few people who did this last year”.

Hope some of these tips, save you some of the troubles me and people I know had during Black Bike Week.

See Everyone on the Beach,


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