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The Latest News about Black Bike Week

NAACP - Operation Bike Week Justice

NAACP will be monitoring how black folks are treated during Black Bike Week 2011!! more

North Myrtle Beach Ramps up for Black Bike Week 2011

With such a high expected number of people attending the 2011 event, North Myrtle Beach is ramping up it police force to handle the crowds... read more

Harley Bike Week Looks Promising

The early youtbue video of Myrtle Beach Bike Week "Harley Bike Week" looks good. A lot of people out, bikers out, and a nice amount of black people out walking the strip. Here is a video of the of the events

Atlantic Beach Releases New Bikefest Poster

Atlantic Beach Releases New Bikefest more

ATLANTIC BEACH Outlines Bikefest Ordinance

Atlantic Beach Announces Official BikeFest Dates, time, Alcohol rules, and vendor permit guidelines and prices. The Official dates for the Bike Fest is May 27, 2011 at 3pm till May 30, 2011. Read More

Rumors that Myrtle Beach is Working with the NAACP and Atlantic Beach

Rumors are saying that Myrtle Beach wants to help Atlantic Beach grow the BikerFest, and bring people, but center the activities around Atlantic Beach, while earning revenue from people staying in Myrtle Beach. I haven't fount 100% facts, but I'm researching.

New Party Spot coming to North Myrtle Beach!

Dec 10, 2010
More Details coming soon.......

Ink Life Tour Cancel Event

In the News

Myrtle Beach Helmet Law Stuck Down!

June 1, 2010
The Myrtle Beach Helmet Law was deem Unconstituational...Read Story

Atlantic Beach Relaxes Laws for Black Bike Week

March 1, 2010
Atlantic Beach Relax some laws to increase the good time at the BikeFestt....Read Story
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