Lessons Learned from Black Bike Week 2010

Lessoned Learned from BBW 2010

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Here are some lesson I learned from Black Bike Week 2010:

Know who your going with 

Please don't be having last minute friend who's character you don't know.

Stick to central locations for Meet Ups

If you plan to meet up with people. Stick with a central locations. Having an event here, there, and every where will have yall running all around the Myrtle Beach trying to meet, but never meeting. BBW can get wild; add liquor and people's logic goes out the window. Choose a central location, Hotels are the Best, fuck bars and restaurants plus you save cash with free drinks in the room.

Don't Get Trapped in a Couples Vacation

If you meet someone online before Black Bike Week and they really eager to meet you make sure they understand up front it's a meetup and not a couples' vacation ladies and guyz. You will find your self creating an enemy or worst getting stalked all fucking weekend.

Bring Your Own four Wheels

If you ride, but taking a car or truck with friends, make sure you either have your own 4 wheel transportation or your friends are on the same agenda. If your friends want to go somewhere but you don't, guess what, you assed out, and riding drunk or high on a bike is not an option you can catch a cab, but that's not sexy lol

Avoid Dirty Room mates

Make sure the Hygiene and cleanliness of the people you roll with is up to your standard. If you bring a friend, and they're dirty, and leave shit around the longer you stay the more you will notice it. First year we stay for 3 days, and barely stay in the hotel, this year we enjoyed the hotel, the uncleanness really showed. You have house keeping, but they won't clean up the dirty habit of a nasty person. Set some cleanliness rules at the gate. Bringing company to a dirty hotel room isn't sexy. If rolling with a dirty person dirty makes sure you get an seperate room instead of shared rooms. Well I am kind of a clean freak, but shoes, used towels, wash rags and half empty drink all over the room isn't pleasant.  Having to clean up at a $1000 Hotel to prepare for company isn't cool either.

Get Your Own Drinks

Make sure everyone put in on liquor best choice bring your own personal shit, It isn't being selfish, just tell everyone to bring they own personal shit, and put in on some group shit. If you bring something good, watch as everyone drinks up all the good shit the first two nights then retreat to bullshit after the good shit gone. Get your own shit,and separate it, or go in dollar for dollar on drinks together. Liquor store close early, and last thing you want is to spend $150 for drink, and Saturday night you realize you ain't got shit left.  Get you own shit, baby it, and get some room wide/guest shit.  I got 2 bottle that would have lasted me all weekend, i come back and both my bottle gone,

Stick within you Budget

Buy a room you can afford solo if people want to come last minute, point them to the hotel website, or let them role free. Unless your crew is 100% reliable, don't do group payment shit, people will try to get homie discounts at the last minute. When you're desperate at the last minute trying to fill a room, people can feel it and try to squeeze you into deals where you lose money. Pay for your own shit, don't be cheap trying to split the cost of a bigger room. Best bet is pay for your room 1 bedroom that sleeps three and let the other persons roll free and tell them to cover drinks and food.

Get Seperate rooms , not share large room

Get separate room. Not double bed room. Seperate rooms. If you the leader of the planning make sure you get a separate room with a separate bathroom if possible, that way you have privacy.

Don't Be a Free Bike Cab

A lot of girls will try and use you like a cab probably to another nigga room or like an amusement park ride. I ride for fun, not because I obligated to ride girls while at black bike week.  This was my first year in North Myrtle and I realized a lot of girls in the north only care about riding to them you just a bike LOL, on the South girls care about riding, but they care more about getting to know you, partying with you. I don't like being treated like a free amusement park ride plus my ish wasn't all the way legit.  Girls will come up to you like beggars can you please spare a bike ride , even when you not even on a bike, you can be riding up the elevator, chilling by the pool with a drink in your hand  and girls will come approaching like how many in your crew? Can you ride me and my girls please LOL. Some don't even care if your at a party FUCKED up, they trying to manipulate you talking about: come on ride me on your bike, and you can barely stand LOL.  If girl want to ride that bad, they needs to get her own bike. This is my first year in the North and I noticed a big difference in the mind sets of the women, but it's not all women, and I still had fun in the north.

Know Your Crew
Make sure your crew believes in give and take. If you have a crew they drink up all you drink, but doesn't put in, consider rolling for with a different crew next year. Make sure your crew is willing to take one for the team, if not they will become weekend cock blockers.

Make sure you crew has game, and doesn't have a negative attitudes. No matter how smooth you are, if you boys or girls are the stuck up type, or negative type, people will judge you based on them and not deal with you. If you crew doesn't have game, expect them to be your third wheel al weekend.

Make sure your crew can handle their liquor, and if they can't make sure they are responsible enough to stop when they had enough. Baby sitting and monitoring a drunken friend is not a cool way to enjoy a bike week party. 

Don't Depend on Any one

Do not depend on anyone. This May seem hard, cold and mean. But make sure the person you depend on is reliable or make sure you are the lead for everything hotel in your name, transportation in your name, etc Be the boss of everything related to your bike week Now you have time to pay the cost to be the boss . If you going with untested people, depending on them can have your weekend looking real fucked up. I had plans to leave early Thursday morning, transportation not in my name, we leaving at 2pm missed out on free party and good time and paid for a day at the hotel we aint' even use. Then tried to recover the later night and ended up wasting 160 bucks on bullshit. It's totally up to you to make your bike week tight NO ONE ELSE. And if you reading this you probably are the leader of every thing. Make sure you lead everything next year, and everyone else is a participant unless they buy their own shit. You got to pay the cost to be the boss.

A lot of people like don't plan, don't plan. My funest times came from the planned shit. Did everything go off as planned no, but it setup a good blueprint. But when we went out totally up in the air, we didn't have no where as much fun, and waste way more money.

Last minute people didn't have a lot of choices. Note that time is one your side, plan early. It would be worth it. Start saving early, and if other wants to come, let them book their own room.
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