7 Things To Do BEFORE You Book A Hotel Room

7 Things to do BEFORE you book a Hotel Room for Black Bike Week

1. Choose which side is best for you and your crew: Myrtle Beach "young and wild", or North Myrtle Beach "grown and sexy"

2. Ask someone who has been before about the Hotel you want to book!! And ask them before you book "not after". To find someone join the Black Bike Week Facebook Group read around to see if someone already talked about that hotel, if not ask the group "please don't ask the group about a hotel somebody just asked about, look around first".

3. Shop around and search the internet for the best price, and Book Early. The earlier you book the cheaper the prices will be. "Here is a website that pulls the hotel prices from everywhere then shows you where the cheapest price is. Use this link http://reservations.blackbikeweek.us"

4. Check the Prices everywhere "on the internet also" and find the best deal. Comparison shopping for 2011 is a must cause prices are higher, and a lot of companies lost money because of the Helmet law and they're trying to make it up in 2011 "By over charging people". Don’t get tricked into spending more then you have too, look at multiple places "FIRST"! Get a price, then check somewhere else before you buy!

5. Get All the Money Up front if you're rolling in a group! People will come up short. If you can't get all the money, get a smaller/cheaper room, or roll solo!! "also check out 7 tips when rolling with a group.

6. Check your reservation every other month "hotels are famous for over booking rooms during Memorial Day weekend". If you're renting a house check it once a month. If the house you rented goes into foreclosure or is sold your rental agreement is void, and considering the economy you should definitely ask those questions and check. If you're looking for a rental house check out Booe Reality

7. Check the hotel's policies and restrictions "are bikes allowed, their check-in age, how many people are allowed per room, curfews, extra fee for multiple car/bike parking, etc". The Helmet law is gone, but but some hotels are not Biker friendly or Black Bike Week friendly "especially in Myrtle Beach". Ask them "off the record" if they Black Bike Week Friendly, if they are not they will probably tell you. "First year we didn't ask and turned out the the resort wasn't biker friendly and we had big issues"

Don't end up staying at a hotel that SUCK ASS or paying way more then the person next door to you! Handle your business people!

See everyone on the Beach!!!
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