Other Black Events

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    Other Hot Black Events that take place during the Year. Looking for something to do before or after Black Bike Week? Check here. We have cruises, sports events, beach get aways, and anything that's poppin on the scale of Black Bike Week. Visit the links to learn more about the events. Also check out Black Events for a list of all event and the Official Black Events Calendar.
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  • Cruise

    Tom Joyner Cruise
    Best Cruise of the year, Must attend

  • Beach Party

    Urban Beach Week
    Great event that inline with Bike Week. in Miami

    Miami, FL
  • Music Festival

    Essence Music Festival
    Hot Musical Events full of women, Good Music, Hot Women, Crazy Parties

    New Orleans, LA
  • Beach Getaway

    Urban Fiesta
    Hot Beach Party in Puerto Rico during Memorial Day Week

    Puerto Rico
  • Bike Week

    Black Bike Week Miami
    Hot event taking place in Daytona Beach, FL

    Daytona Beach, FL
  • Harley Week

    Myrtle Beach Bike Week
    Hot event taking place in Daytona Beach, FL

    Coming Soon
  • College

    Black College Reunion
    Hot Beaches, College Kids, and hotels, need i say more

    Comming Soon!!
  • Cancun

    Cancun Jump Off
    Hotel Room Rates for the 2011 season

    Comming Soon!!
  • Caribana

    Toronto Canada Caribana
    Hot event in Canada, Get you Passport and Join the Party

    Comming Soon!!

    Past Black Events

  • Sports

    CIAA 2012
    Backet Ball Tournanment and hype after partys

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