Where Should I stay? Where the Parties at? Questions

Sorry for the NSWF Pic, but i knew it would grab your attention!!! worked didn’t it lol.

Now that i got you attention:

We get asked these same dam questions over and over and over…. Again!

So here are the answers:

Details: In 2010 the party is in North Myrtle Beach. Stay in North Myrtle Beach. Hotel are going fast, so hurry up and book your room. The Dates are May 28 to May 31. If you don’t ride a bike, stay where ever you want North Myrtle Beach, or South Myrtle Beach.

Next Question: What hotel should I get. Here is a list of good hotels that are biker friendly right here.

Next Question: What are the news rules: Here they go.

Next Question: What are the dates: Here they go.

Next Question: Where are the parties at: Right here.

Next Question: what’s going to be the best party: Right here

Hopefully I answered all of your questions. If it didn’t check out this FAQ “it’s still under construction”

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