Black Bike Week – FAQ's

Black Bike Week FAQ

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  • What's theStrip? : The 4 mile long road where everyone gathers at, walks,and meets.
  • MyrtleBeach?: The location of Black Bike Week.
  • SouthMyrtle Beach?: Where the strip is located All the sexy dressed girls, cars driving2 milesor feet per hour, etc.
  • Atlantic Beach?: Where it all started at, and where a block party is held.
  • NorthMyrtle Beach?: Where the grown and sexy stay at.
  • Cherry Grove?: Where you can rent at nice at, close to North Myrtle Beach.
  • Can I have an after mark pipe on my bike? As long as it's under 90db you good. If not stay in North Myrtle Beach
  • Is Black Bike Week Kids Freindly?: NOPE
  • The New Laws?: Right Here
  • What part has the most people? : South Myrtle Beach
  • What part hasthe most parties?: South Myrtle Beach
  • What part hasthe most bikers? : North Myrtle Beach has the most staying there, but they travel to South Myrtle Beach
  • What part hasthe finest women? : Myrtle Beach
  • What's thehottest club? : Kryptonite and 2001
  • What to expect?: Too much damn fun
  • What to bring?: A bike if you ride, Drinks, protection sexual, and yourself.
  • On a scale ofone to ten how fun is it? : 9
  • How are the men? : Hot female point of view.
  • How are the women? : Hotter my point of view.
  • Any haters?: The government of the city.
  • Any drama?: Nope, people partying too much.
  • Any crime?: Bike Theft, lock up your shit, hotel theft lock you roomdoors
  • Can I go alone?: Yes, if you're a dude you'll probably have a better time.
  • Best chancesof hooking up? : At your hotel, meet your neighbor :).
  • Worst chanceof hook up? : On the strip. You get so many numbers you won'tremember who's who.
  • How is the beach?: Nice
  • How is the weather?: Hot ass shit in the day, perfect at night, and it might rain
  • Can I get a lot of riding in? : You can Before That Friday, but after friday it's bumper to bumper traffic
  • What should Ilook out for? : Prostitute, Transsexuals, Thieves,Street hustlers and Police
  • How are the cops?Cool if you Cool, if your being stupid they will lock you up.
  • What can they lock you up for? The most commons thing is open container, drinking in public, and smoking weed - Do you dirt in you Hotel!!!
  • How's the crowd?: Different, North MB grown and sexy, South MB young wild partiers
  • How much cash should I bring? : $300 to $500 depending on how much supplies you're bringing.
  • How much does it cost?: around $500-$700 for hotel that hold 3-4 people or $200 per person
  • Is there anything to do beside clubs, riding and the strip? : Water parks, movies,etc.
  • Where are somegood places to eat? : All you can eat seafood places, SC is famousfor it.
  • What's the best bar? : the one on the strip Exceptions at night, and your hotel room during the day
  • What's the best hotels for Bike Week in North Myrtle Beach?: Best Hotels
  • What's the best hotel for Bike Week in Myrtle Beach? Best Hotel
  • Is my hotel close to the action: Google Map that shit
  • Should I stayon the strip? : Yes, a hotel on the strip is the best!!
  • What type of Hotel is the best?: Depends. for straight up parting choose alarge ass multi floor hotel that shit be like a 10th floor nightclub
  • Shouldn't we avoid South MB? : Hell No!!!.
  • Is it worth itto go into South MB?: Hell yeah, South MB is where the parties jump
  • How soon should I get hotel ?: At least 2 Month Prior
  • Are the women approachable ?: Hell yeah, they will probably approach you
  • Do the shit that be on YouTube really happen a lot ?: Yep, have you camera ready
  • Does what happenat Bike Week stay at bike week? : Yep, Black Bike Week is like Vegas feel free to create an Alias
  • Is it reallyas fun as people hype it up to be? : Yes it is, but you got to seeit to believe it!
  • How are the ladies?: Super sexy, and super nice. You will get depressed when you get backhome.
  • Should I go with my girl? : Hell No!
  • Should I go with my man? : Hell No!
  • Isn't BlackBike Week canceled? : Nope, don't listen to the rumors.
  • What are the dates? : Just remember Memorial Day.L
  • What's the clubs? : Tequila Empire, Club Exception, 2001, and a few more.
  • Can you drink in public? : Not in North Myrtle or South Myrtle, but you can in certain placein Atlantic Beach.
  • What's the best day to get there? : Action starts Fri night, ends Monday morning.If you want to ride get there Thursday.
  • Is there anythingpeople under 21 can do?: for girls hell yeah, everything, club are 18 up for girls don't get caught drinking, for guys nope, stay your young ass home
  • Are the clubs expensive? : Compared to DC nope. $20 to get in and 10 dollar drinks all night ladies get in free at most clubs
  • Do the clubs have long lines? : hell yeah, get a table, VIP, or get there earlythe lines are so long people start parties outside the clubs
  • How late do the clubs stay open? : Fri 3am, Sat 3AM, Sun 1AM to 2AM
  • Is there anythingto do Thursday? : Ride, Bars and Strip clubs
  • How are the strip clubs? : all I can say is a bargain LOL, most of the striper are also the prostitute LOL
  • Are there really a lot of prostitutes down there? : A whole hell of a lot, and theylook like normal women.
  • Can you rent a house? : Yep, but I never have
  • Are the any special events like spring bling? : Nope, the strip is the highlight of the event
  • Is This EventFor Everyone? : Nope. Black Bike Week is not for Haters!! Black Bike Week is for everyone else. It does not matter what gender, race or nationality.

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