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If you're a member of, i would like to welcome you, and thank you for visiting this site.


Because of action taking by the Admin of you are not allow to share content on this site. You are free to share the content by any other mean, except on
Contray to the post, I have never threaten to sue anyone, and will never sue any one.
I want the info shared as must as possible, but there is a bigger picture behind this
This is the issue:
In an attempt to stop or slow grow to this site, anytime you post a link back to this site " or, system automatically breaks the link "test it your self if you don't beleive me". So the content remain on, but links to where it came from are removed. This is to stop anyone who view the article from seeing my site, but most importantly it stop search engines from giving my site Credit "and links plays a large part of how search engines ranks websites", this also enable to take credit, and search results from keywords within article that originated here.
I asked the admin to stop this pratice "breaking links" and member could share as they pleased, and if HE "the admin" didn't stop the pratice i would seek legal action against HIM.
Before taking any action i consulted Google

Again I have no issue with the members of, and if you choose to look at me or my site in a different way, so be it, my beef is with the owner of the site who is intentally breaking links to my site for articles i created.
For more information about this change please contact me at

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