Black Bike Week Advertisement Rates 2013

Black Bike Week Advertisement Rates 2013

Facebook Post to 60,000+ Fans:
  1. Direct to Website - $30 per post
  2. Link to Facebook Page - $25 per post
  3. Advertisement to all Facebook Fan (Facebook Ads) $1.00 CPM cost per 1,000 views)
Website Promotion:
  1. 300x250 $12.00 CPM (cost per 1,000 views)
  2. 468x60 CPM (10.00 cost per 1,000 views)
  3. 728x90 CPM ($15.00 cost per 1,000 views)
Specific Web Site Pages:
  1. Hotels Page (300x250) - ( $100.00 cost per 1,000 views)
  2. Parties Page (300x250) - ($25.00 cost per 1,000 views)
  3. Pictures Page (300x250) - ($20.00 cost per 1,000 views)
  4. Dates Page (160x600) - ($100.00 cost per 1,000 views)
Email Blast (15,000)
  1. Included in existing Email - $50.00
  2. Dedicated Email Black - $100.00

** All Ad text and image must be provided and approved
** All payment must be made though PayPal before the ad is placed.
** We cannot promote MLM, Business Opp, or scammy products or services.

Party/Event Prmotions and Rules

  • Parties are Listed in order they are recieved
  • Can contain only 1 image
  • Cannot link to a Facebook Fanpage or Event page "websites or personal pages only"
  • Will only be updated with changes once a week, update will not be promoted individually on Facebook
  • Non Featured parties will only be promoted through Facebook and Email Once! "when they are first listed, no follow up promotions"
  • The No Spam Policy on the Facebook Fan Page and Group will be strictly enforced "no self promotions on those pages"

All Parities and Events are Free to List.

To list your Non Featured Party send detials and image to

Black Bike Visitor Data:

  • Laser Targeted Traffic "People looking for Hotels and Parties During Memorial Day Weekend in Myrtle Beach"
  • 1.2 Million page views
  • 200,000 Unique Visitors
  • Facebook Fanpage 60,000 people
  • Facebook Group 8,000 people
  • Email list 15,000 members

What separates the visitor of this site and other sites, is our visitors and community members are the organizer for their groups. They research and find the best deals, locations, and parties for their Motorcycle Club Members, Social Club members, Friend and Family. They are the early birds who book a hotels in advance, and purchase party passes in advance. The community is active, and member have been going to Black Bike Week for as many as 20 year, and it's a yearly traditions. This is the crowd you want to reach!! And no other advertising source can give you that for Memorial Day Weekend!!.

Our goal isn't to get in between you and Attendants, it's to help you reach Black Bike Week visitor early, and Pre Sale Hotel Rooms, and Parties helping to save our community money, and increase you advance bookings. Compared to other less targeted advertising sources our prices's are dirt cheap.

The only reason we are starting this system is to subsidize the time spent dealing with party promoter wanting more exposure for their event, and dealing with hotels wanting more exposure for their hotel.

For non Events or Lodging Related Advertising please use Google Adsense. View our Google Ad Planner Profile , or our Quantcast Profile . We use 728x 90, 300x250, 336x280, and 468 x 60 ad sizes and we have targetable ad zones. But note, Google Adsense exposure is reduces as the events approaches.

For more information contact us by phone 202-711-6690 or by email @