Getting in Shape for Black Bike Week

Getting Sexy for the Beach.

Getting In shape is everyone goals before going on any vacation where they want to be able to show their body.

So, Each year tons of people comment about getting back to the gym, or starting a diet for Black Bike Week, but when we hit the beach nothing changed.

Diets and Exercise don't work if your not doing them right. Most people waste their time and give up!

So to help people reach their goals - Getting sexy for the beach "So i can take more pictures ;)" - I'm going to share two programs with you that work!

So, since I've been running the Black Bike Week website and a few other websites, i basically been sitting at a computer all day "eating snacks, and drinking soda". I'm ex military so I've always had a nice body, muscle tone, abs, etc. Well after a while I'm started to notice that thing were starting to change.

A few month before Black Bike Week 2010 I looked in the mirror and didn't like what i saw. I knew i had to get sexy for Black Bike Week.

So I started hitting the crunches, sit ups, running, etc. I loss little bit of weight, but not where i wanted "around my stomach", and I wasn't toning.

Here are two programs "One you probably already heard about" that will teach you the right way to get in shaped before the beach.

Program One "Secret a lot of people don't know about ".


Truth about Six Pack ABS - No Hype Guide to getting rid of that stomach fat, while toning your abs, The right way!

One of the best things about this book is that, it tells you exactly which food are causing you to keep that stomach fat, and what ab exercises really work. Shocking once you learn. Doing sit up, and crunches the wrong way or while still eating food that is cause the problem will get you no where, trust me.


Second Program "Everyone's favorite New program"

P90X, yes it's hyped up, but trust me it works if you work it!

If you really out of shape P90x will get you there, It will also help you tone muscle and get that cut look. In 90 days you will look different and it might just be what you need to get sexy.

If you just need to lose a little bit off your waist Truth About Abs will get you there.

I also heard about Insanity, my boy did it before Black Bike Week 2011 it worked, but way to much for me. I'm just trying to be tone, not super built.

Please Don't wait till 1-2 month before Black Bike Week then try to rush!

Get started early! You will start seeing progress and by next May you will be able to rock that Two Piece or Wearing no shirt!

Here are the products

John lost 353 lbs. and burned 1,200,000+ calories

Good Luck,
See You on the Beach.

I'm want to hear about your progress, so if you're starting, and want to share your progress, tips, etc, please post on the group.

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