Urban Beach Week 2011 - Memorial Day Miami

Urban Beach Week - Memorial Day Miami

What is Urban Beach Week?

Memorial Day Weekend on Miami Beach is home to the annual Urban Beach Week "it's also called Black Beach Week, or Black Bike Week Miami". This year is the 12th anniversity. People of color from all over the world come to the shores of South Miami Beach to attend.

2010 brought nearly 300,000 people, so you know it's going to be poppin in 2011!

Where is the Urban Beach Week 2011?

South Beach, Miami Florida

When is Urban Beach Week?

May 27, 2011 to May 30, 2011

What Happens during Memorial Day in Miami?

Everything under the sun. Urban Beach Week is like Black bike Week without the bikes. You got concerts, night clubs, pool parties, fashion shows, beach parties, and a hyped reggae festival.
Ton of stars make Urban Beach week their annual destination "NBA, NFL, and Rappers and more"

Book your rooms early because they sell out each year!

Where are some good places to stay at on the beach?

South Beach host the event but the prime locations is the 2500 block and below "South Beach Art Deco District".

Here are a few spots:

Riviera South Beach
Circa 39
Essex House Hotel
The Clevelander
San Juan
The Bentley
for all hotels goHere:

Here are some streets you need to learns:
Collins - Hotel district
Washington - Club district

How much does it cost?

Hotel Cost, plus about 100 to 200 dollars a day for food, drinks, and club entrance. If you want to go VIP bring a a few hundred extra.

Listing of Event
Coming soon.... Stay tuned...

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