North VS South

North Vs South Myrtle Beach "Hate it, of Love it"

In 2009 Myrtle Beach Passed a Helmet law that was canceled two years later in 2010.


Once that happened some people started to hate the South "Myrtle Beach"


So that wanted everyone to stay up North “North Myrtle Beach”


Slogans can out “Not a Dime, in 09”, “We doing it again in 10” and people wanted everyone to not support the South “Don’t stay there or spend any money there”


Some people switched, some people stay where they were, and some people stay in both side.


After the helmet law got canceled, some people still wanted to choose sides, and encourage folks to choose a side "North over South".


Prior to that people just stay where they wanted “Majority choosing the South”


Promoting the North.
Some of the the Stay in the North crowd, hoped that if they kept saying promoting it on the internet "Avoid Myrtle Beach, Stay in North Myrtle Beach" people would start the switch and the North would become the main spot. It's didn't work in 2009, 2010, or 2011 because more people still choose to stay in the South.


Grown and Sexy Myth.


It's been thrown around that the North is for Grown and Sexy.  On the north you can find immature and un sexy people "just like on the South".  There is no Test you have to take to book a room in the North.  The crowd is older, but more mature and sexy then then people who stay in the south?  NO!!  I have been told the north is more mature by immature ass people LMAO. 




Fact: Last year the only shootings during Bike Week took place in the North.


But I say all that to say this, it’s a personal decision, don’t let people try and force you into their camp.



I know people who love the north, I know people who hate the north. I know people who went to the North in 2009 or 2010 during the helmet law and hated it, and switch back South the following year. I know people who say in the North at their MC house, but also book a separate room in the south for Friday and Saturday.


It's not a either or, because honestly you can have fun on both sides, and both side are right next to each other "they are just separated by city lines"





  1. Majority of people stay in the South 75% 
  2. The South is bigger, and has 4 times the amount of hotels as the north
  3. The South has more houses then the North
  4. The South has the Strip; the North doesn't have a real strip
  5. The crowd in the North are “on average” older and people have been attending for years “who started attending when THEY were Younger
  6. The south crowds are more diverse, not babies.  Average age is 21 to 40 with a small minority under 21
  7. A Large percent of folks staying in the North "majority men" spend a large part of their time traveling to the South Side “it’s where the women are”


South Side Pros

  • More people
  • More conveniences
  • Things are closer “store, etc”
  • More women
  • Hotels/Resorts are cheaper
  • More options and selections
  • Less Travel time




  • Crowd is younger  on Average “then the North”
  • More traffic
  • More police presence



North Side Pro's

  • Crowd is older
  • Closer to Atlantic Beach
  • Less traffic
  • Less police
  • More MC oriented




  • Prices are higher
  • Less people
  • Less conveniences
  • More men then women
  • Less options and selection
  • Travel time to the South
  • No real strip



It’s a personal decision because honestly, you will have a good time where ever you stay!!!



Observation: The People who love the North judge the people who stay in the South “Younger, Babies, Immature, etc”, the People who say in the South don’t seem to care what the people in the North are doing.



Butt Naked Facts:

There are more sexy women in the South “Competition”

People party harder in the South

Majority of the Pictures and YouTube Videos you see of Bike Week are from the South

More people choose the South over the North



LAST TIP: Remember this before you take any Black Bike Week advice!!!:

Some People don't Love North Myrtle Beach, THEY HATE MYRTLE BEACH!! "For personal reasons, not facts".

Because they HATE MYRTLE BEACH they will alway recommend North Myrtle Beach "Hotels, Houses, Bars, Clubs, Events, Locations, etc" even if Myrtle Beach is the best and cheapest for what your are looking for!

They care more about hurting MYRTLE BEACH, then you having a good time and saving money.

You've been warned.





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