Weekly Hotel Deals for Black Bike Week 2011!

Hotel Deals for Black Bike Week 2011

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Shopping for the Best Deals - On Hotels for Black Bike Week?

We Got you!
Each week me and my partners working with Hotels and suppliers to get you the best deals for Black Bike Week Visitors.
Hotel Sale
  • Discounts as high as 30% Off!
  • Early Bird Specials!
  • Group Discounts
  • and what ever else we can get
If your looking to save some $$$$ GREEN check out this list!
All of the current hotel specials are below! check back for more.


March 15, 2011
NEW !! Last Available Disounts at Westgate Resort and Ocean Drive Beach and Golf Resort

Nov 5, 2011
Avista Resort Special SOLD OUT!
http://www.blackbikeweek.us/Avista-Special/ -- Special OVER!!

Feb 15, 2011
Best of Both Worlds "North vs South" Landmark and BayWatch Specials


Feb 25, 2011
Days Inn Myrtle Beach-Grand Strand - From only $389.81 Save 20%
806 South Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Reserve Your Room Today!
Review "Perfect for folks wanting to Stay in Myrtle Beach on a Budget. On the strip and less then $400 for the weekend for a room that can sleep 3-4"

Days Inn Myrtle Beach-Beach Front - From only $389.81 Save 20%!
1403 South Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Reserve Your Room Today!

Review "On the Strip, has the basics and more. In the middle of the Action, and cheap"

Red Roof Inn Myrtle Beach Market Commons - From only $476.46 On Sale Now ->Save 10% on this stay
US Business Rt 17 at 29th Avenue South
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Reserve Your Room Today!

Review "Not on the Strip but close. If you want to be able to get away from the action when you want to this is a good spot"

Hampton Inn Myrtle Beach North - From only $463.86 15% off: Advance Purchase - Non refundable
620 75th Avenue North
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
Reserve Your Room Today!

Review "Alright Hotel in North Myrtle, but not on the strip. Has the basics and cheap for North Myrtle."

Hampton Inn N Myrtle Beach - From only $642.30 - 15% off: Advance Purchase - Non refundable: Advance Purchase - Non refundable
2120 Sea Mountain Highway
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Reserve Your Room Today!

Review "Host Hotel of the Knight Riders "the founders of Black Bike Week", not on the strip, but close to their Clubs house"


Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center - From Only $799.32 On Sale Now
2101 North Oak Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Reserve Your Room Today!

Review "Honestly this really isn't a good deal, i paid less then this a few years ago, but there prices went up big time, but it's cheaper then it will be in a few months. The Hotel is hot, close to the strip, but far away enough to get away. It's stays full of party people."

Special from Hotels.com. Offers Expire 3/14/2011 , select Hotels only!!
Deep Discounts in Myrtle Beach: $49 & Up! Expires 3/14/11


Got a Hotel you want us to try to get a Special at, hit me up at clarence@blackbikeweek.us

* Rates are good Only for the Week they were released for, after the end of the week the price may increase!
* Rates don't include taxes, and hotel fees "booking fee, service fee, extra parking permit fee, etc".

* Rates are good Only when booked through links provided by "price will differ on other sites"!

The Hotel GAME

I'm going to break the hotel game down for folks who never been, or don't know.

See right now hotel prices are cheaper, because hotels know that other hotel have plenty of rooms and people can shop around or choose different places.  So they offer early bird specials and deals!! A Few months ago prices were even cheaper!

But when May gets closer, hotels know every other hotel is booking up, and people don't have time to shop around anymore.

Hotel prices are like gas, they just keep going up. Almost every week before the Before Memorial Day the hotels increases the price by a percentage.

Right now, before May your you're good, Deals can be found

But once May get close, they cut all deals, increase their prices 'Big Time"

It's all capitalism baby! More demand + less supply + Less Time = higher prices!

And when Hotel increase their prices I don't mean just a little bit higher, I'm talking about almost double the damn prices at some places, but people have no choice, they pay it or stay home.

But, right now you do have a choice!

Don't be like those last minute folks

Lock your room down today and save a ton of money. Discounted rate "as much as 50% off Last Minute prices "

P.S. Don't say I didn't try to help


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