Atlantic Beach Bikefest Ordinance

ATLANTIC BEACH Outlines Bikefest Ordinance

Atlantic Beach Bikefest 2011

Monday Jan 31, 2011
The Atlantic Beach Town Council has passed a new ordinance for the 2011 Atlantic Beach Bikefest (Black Bike Week).

According to the ordinance:

  • The Events will Officially begin on May 27, 2011 at 3 p.m.
  • The town's police chief can designate areas where alcoholic beverages can be sold and consumed.
  • More vendor permits "and a new super permits covering alcohol, food and retail and agent permits".
  • Established permit rates "the earlier a person purchases a vendor permit, the less it will cost, and a discount on purchasing a second permit".

Notes: In addition to alcohol, food and retail vendor permits, the town has added an agent and a super permit.
  • The agent permit is for an individual who rents someone else's land to vendors.
  • The super permits will cover alcohol, food, retail and agent permits.

The Memorial Day event will officially run from May 27-30.
Town Manager William Booker.

For more info about permits please contact the town of Atlantic Beach.

717 30th Avenue South
Atlantic Beach, SC 29582
Phone: (843) 663-2284
Fax: (843) 663-0601

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