Other Major Black Events

People kept asking, what other African American events like Black Bike Week take place during the year.  300 days is a long time to wait for Black Bike week 2011, what can I do until then. So I created this list of the Events I try to attend each year. What they are, when they are, what type of crowd, and how it compares to Black Bike Week. Enjoy Here are some Other Black Events we plan to cover:
Look out in the Next coming weeks for more info on these other hot events. We plan to start discussing events that deal with: Locations and Events for Afro American Events:
  • greeknic
  • greek fest
  • texas freaknic
  • cancun all star fiesta
  • black ski weekend
  • daytona beach
  • cancun hotels,
  • new orleans hotels
  • miami hotels
  • st. lucia music festival
  • rti weekend
  • ati weekend
  • st. kitts music festival
  • cancun jumpoff
  • n.b.a all star weekend las vegas
  • black cruise week
  • soul beach music festival
  • miami spring break
  • biloxi spring break
  • rio de jenairo
If you have any events you want me to cover please put them in the comment box below!
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