Black Bike Week - Facebook Page Warning

Facebook Page Warning!!

There is a page on Facebook called Black Bike Week, and the owner

calls himself Black Bike Week. Black Bike Week is not a person, Black Bike Week is an event, for more info please go here This Facebook page in no way represents

Un-Official Black Bike Week Page

Black Bike Week, and is in no way affiliated with this web site,

it's sponsors, Black Bike Week "The Event', the creator of Black Bike Week, or the Atlantic Beach Government.

The opinions expressed on that Facebook page represent those of

the author and unless clearly labeled as such do not represent the

opinions or policies of any Motorcycle Club, Black Bike Week "The

Event", This web site, The Atlantic Beach Government, or the Black

Bike Week Community as a whole. No claims are made or

responsibilities assumed for the contents of that Facebook Page.

Any issues or complaints about the content on that page should be

taken up with the Page Owner or Facebook.


The page in Question is located here:

The only approved Facebook page for this web site is located here:

Currently the only approved Facebook page of the Atlantic Beach Government

is here:

The Official Creators of Black Bike Week "CAROLINA KNIGHT RIDER'S MC" Facebook page is located here:

The Black Bike Week Facebook group frequented by member of this site is located here:


Thanks for understanding.

Black Bike Week

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