Year Rankings

My Ratings of the Black Bike Weeks i attended since 2005.

Black Bike Week 2010 : 9 out of 10 Off the Chain one of my best years ever.

Black Bike Week 2009: 6 out of 10 Ok, kind of dead on the South Side, but still fun

Black Bike Week 2008: 8 out of 10 Hot, and wild, and crazy

Black Bike Week 2007: 4 out of 10 it's was a whack year

Black Bike Week 2006: 7 out of 10 Ok year, lots of bikes and some parties

Black Bike Week 2005: 9 out of 10 Wild and crazy year, packed

Give your experience of your various years in the comments below.

To View Images from Black Bike Week 2005 to 2009 go here

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