Under Construction – Updating for 2011

Black Bike Week 2010 was off the Freaking Chain for real.

I can honestly say this was the “Best Black Bike Week” we have ever fucking had, GOT DAMN!!!

North Myrtle Beach and Avista was Hot.  Tequila Empire and Club 2001 was ultra Packed.

Bikers where out everywhere, Ladies where out everywhere.  The Police were cool, and the weather was beautiful. We meet so many cool people, enjoyed too many parties, events, and get togethers.

If you missed 2010, you Fucking Suck!!!!

Guess what?

The Helmet Law is Gone, that’s right South Myrtle Beach got Bitch Slapped by the Supreme court, and we No longer have to were helmets!!!

Know what that mean?

2011 is going to be CRAZY.  I talking back in the Day Bike Week Crazy!!

Everybody going back to the Beach. All the Major MCs on deck, All the people who missed 2010 on deck, and a lot of people who switch to Miami coming back, and a ton of first timers on Deck. Everyone on Deck.

People are Estimating over 1/2 million in 2011.  some people trying to get 1 million

Black Bike Week 2011  The Rebirth, Fuck Those Helmets “T-Shirt coming soon LOL”


Start Saving your Got Damn money Now!!!!

  • Open a saving account
  • Open a Credit Union Account
  • Get a envelope  and put Money in it
  • Put money under your Bed
  • Give the money to your DAMN GrandMa
  • Do what ever you got to do to save up Cash, Because…….,

Deadlines to get good Hotels are going to be Early as Shit in 2011, don’t Sleep “good shit will book before March”

There is So Much Stuff that is gong to Take Place in 2011, that you won’t believe it

  • More Private Parties
  • New Clubs coming on Deck
  • More Events
  • More MC Parties
  • More Rides

So much New stuff on Deck for 2011 that we have to Take this site Under Construction for a while to add all the new shit for 2011!!!

We are about to get busy gathering all the Info, Parties, Events, Rides, Clubs and Hotels to Keep everyone up to date, hopefully before Sept 15th of this year.  SO STAY TUNED………….

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  • Black Bike week 2011 The Rebirth,

    See Everyone on the Beach,


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    1. Had a great time at Bike Week. It still isn’t like it used to be but it was great. Already making plans for next year. If you wasn’t there then you missed out on a lot of great memories! See y’all next year.

    2. ill will

      I had a great time at bike week although i messed my bike up down there showing off a little too much.I got to party,ride,and meet lots of new people.I’m already making plans for next year when there will no longer be a helmet law.