Jumping back on Black Bike Weeks Dick

When Myrtle Beach passed the laws in 2008 to try to cancel Black Bike Week a lot of People, Groups, Web Sites, and Motor clubs gave up on us. They aint stand up with us to fight against the Myrtle Beach government and take a stand for Black Bike Week.

I won’t mention their names, but they canceled all their events, stopped promoting Black Bike Week, and suggested a moving Black Bike Week to other places like Tennessee, Ocean City LOL. A lot of them moved all their shit to Miami, and told people not to go to Myrtle Beach. By the way, I heard Miami was whack this year LOL

What Im trying to say is: they aint put in any work to support our cause, or the fight against the helmet law. They left us out to dry.

Now that the helmet law gone, Black Bike Week 2010 was a success, and 2011 is looking like it’s going to be the biggest year ever, they jumping back on Black Bike Weeks dick like shit ain’t change, and claiming they VETS LOL.

Real Vets stand up and fight even when the odds are against them, cowards run their bitch asses to Miami or Ocean city.

For all who attended Black Bike Week in 2009, and 2010 remember the people, Groups, Websites, and Motor clubs that supported, promoted, and fought for us in 2009, and 2010, and show them much love.

If you see a Group, Website, or Motor club trying to rep Black Bike Week 2011 like they Vets, but you ain’t hear shit from them in 2009, or 2010 you know the deal. They aint want to put in the work to fight for us, but now they want the rewards.

Sorry I just had to put this out there!!!!


Fake friends are there for you only when times are good; a true friend is there whether times are good or bad

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