Don't Believe the Hype – Myrtle Beach Rumors

They say the freaks come out at night, well the hater come out right before Black Bike Week. The Myrtle Beach Government and their worker are working hard as hell trying to miss lead people into thinking Black Bike Week 2014 is canceled or combined. Please do not believe the hype. Black Bike Week 2014 is not canceled and can never be canceled. And, not only is Black Bike Week 2014 not canceled this year it's going to be bigger then Ever.

One local little ass Myrtle Beach Dealer doesn't control Bike Week, they are just sponsor. They are not the official source of info, Hell i make more money then their whole dealership.
Carolyn Crose "A Damn Temp to Hire ass Mayor" doesn't control Black Bike Week.
They are being used as pawn by no over then the Myrtle Beach Government.

pressurin them to make decision.

Don't even waste your time reading, dicusing or thinking about any of that bullshit. Them cat passed LAW in the Courts and still couldn't stop us. So how in the hell is some broke ass Dealership and a Temporary ass Mayor going to stop up??? They ain't.


Here is how they work.  I love me black people, but we got some ignorant folks in our race

They use our ignorant, to fool our inteleglent.

They say you can fool all the people all the time, but if you fool the right one the rest will fall behine.

Well out ignronment people who don't check their source or read whole articles are running around like pawn helping the Myrtle Beach Agenda.


They are doing more to help Myrtle Beach, then they are doing themselve and they folk have been helping the myrtle beach government since 2008

They don't know better, and i feel sad for them, But as of today, they are are enemenies.

If the news came from The Myrtle Beach government you would ignore, because you know how they operate, but when it's a so call vet, telling this to rookies and first timers, it's a whole lot different. People might beleive.

They use double talk to fool those less educate of to laazy to read complete article.

example.  Myrtle Beach Dealer States "Dates have change"

That statement doesn't say "The Dates have changed" is says "States"


Well they know the ingorant "who also love drama" going to run -tell that.  hey yall bike week have been combined.  They ain't read the whole press release, made any phone calls, or consulted anyone. they take wrong info and run with it.


Check you damn Fact, You History, and your Source before you run you ass around spreading some bad news about Black Bike Week.

So please, if anyone, and i mean anyone "even your damn mother" comes up talking something about Black Bike Week. Cut their ignorant ass off, and respond with one statement:

"Check your Source" and let them be.

See everyone on the beach in 2012, and it's going to be a record year!!!

And if you don't beleive me, try finding a rental house! or a good hotel!

Sold out right LMAO!!!      



Don't give ignorance attention.

Share the shit out of this. Post it on your wall, you groups, post it multiple times, Beat ingorance in the head with it.

I need some volunteers!! If you're in a MC, a member of a Motorcycle Related Website, or have a huge Facebook follow I need your Help. The folk in MB are trying their little cyber war attempting ot spread false info and doubt. Well need to beat them. I need people to share, share, and share some damn more, and let everyone know, Black Bike Week 2014 is going to be on fire, and nothing has changed!!! Everyone running their own spin off group, we all need to work together. Let'e show them cats how we roll, and bring 700,000 to the beach in 2012!!!!!! Let get the word out. Copy this and share it to you

Spread the Word, Share this!

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