Make It Bounce

Make it bounce [May-kit Bow-once]: verb

Definition: A phrase used by males to entice female to start dancing and shaking for video recordings during Black Bike Week. LOL

Make It Bounce

The term you use to get girl to dance and shake something on the Strip LOL.

First year at BBW i wasn’t hip to the game. I was walking around like a professional, politely asking girls to dance or shake for my camera and getting staight up ignored. I was like WTF, i’m not ugly, broke, why they igging me?

But then i seen other dudes getting it in. Dudes had groups of fine ass girls dancing, shaking, dancing on bikes, dancing in car and all that “and they was recording everything with damn cell phone Cameras and shit LOL”

Then i heard what these cats were saying: “in a country ass accent” Make Bouncessssss. And the action just started. So tried it, and the shit work.

So the lingo or slang on the strip to get the girls dancing is “repeat it with me kids” MAKE IT BOUNCE!!! If you from the north try to add a country accent to it LOL.

  • Dance – doesn’t really work
  • Do something – doesn’t work,
  • Shake something for the camera baby – doesn’t work
  • Make it Bounce Baby Works!!

Just a lil Tip for all my newbies hitting the beach this year. Now Make it Bounce Baby!!!! and make sure you have your camera charged and ready!!