Best Day to Arrive at Bike Week?

My first time going to Black Bike Week, some veterans informed me that it’s not worth getting there until Friday.

Arrive Early to Black Bike Week

Empty Strip

After a few trips I disagree, it is worth it to go down before Friday. I think that being there earlier is better. Especially for a newbie. You get to get used to the roads, learn the short cuts and where everything is before all the traffic gets there.

Most of the activities happen on Friday, but as a newbie the sooner you get there the better. You can get your stuff together and have time to learn the Area

If you try to get there on Friday you’ll be with everyone else stuck in traffic and getting to your room.

Get there early, plan prepare and when you wake up on Friday “rested” it will be a whole new world. Welcome to Black Bike Week!!!

If You Want To Get Any Riding In Get There Eariler.

If you going to get there early, Book your hotel early. Don’t get a last minute room LOL.

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