Turning away bikers prejudicial

BY: Dave Carlson

Source: thesunnews.com

Myrtle Beach, SC – I am still amazed at the prejudice directed at having a bike week in this area. With the recent pullout of Harley-Davidson from setting up shop in North Myrtle Beach I find the mind-set of the local residents and the politicians absolutely ludicrous.

Just what is the problem with the residents here? Ultimately it all comes down to noise, or so it is reported.

One small week out of 52 weeks, you are telling those that enjoy coming to this “resort” area that they are unwelcome because their bikes are too loud?

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Too Heavy A Burden

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People, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Next time you pass a human being (that’s what motorcycle enthusiasts are), take a moment, be friendly and carry a conversation with him or her. Ask what they do for a living; you will be surprised at the answer. Most will tell you they are employed at good jobs. Some will tell you they are lawyers, doctors, police officers, mail carriers, veterans and the list goes on.

Loud motorcycles do not ruin your precious way of living.

In fact, the people riding them actually enhance it by spending money at your businesses, supporting our tax base, raising families in the community and so on.

I find this a classic case of profiling. An example for the uneducated – oh, he has tattoos and rides a bike, so be afraid! How sad. I truly don’t understand where you people think you live, but I will tell you this, you live in America, home of the free.

This area and this country is slipping into an abyss in that it is free if it is OK with your lifestyle.

A beach community it is, a resort area, yes, which means everyone should be welcome.

The residents put up with heavy traffic from June to August, put up with the snowbird traffic in the winter, the Can-Am traffic now.

It doesn’t seem to bother anyone that those guests increase traffic congestion, and cars, trucks, RVs do make noise.

Oh yeah, each and every one of you own and drive a car so that makes it OK, but one week motorcycle enthusiasts come into town, a condemnation.

Contrary to what all might think, motorcyclists spend money.

They might not go to your beloved malls or dare to go to The Market Commons or to Brookgreen Gardens, but they do spend at hotels and motels, rent houses on and near the beach, rent condos – some may actually own them – eat at local restaurants, buy gas at local gas stations, and some do actually play golf while here.

Once again, for those who may have forgotten, many other areas of the country actually welcome bikers, and some much smaller than this area: Red Lodge, Mont.; Sturgis, S.D.; Chillicothe, Ohio; Laconia, N.H., to name a few, all of which have been accepting motorcyclists for years and gladly take their money.

Noise, bah humbug!