Thank You!

We would like to say thank you to all the people showing us love, giving us feedback, and helping to spread the word that Black Bike Week is not canceled and will continue despite the haters.

Over the last 2 month I noticed a few things:

People are talking about Bike Week, and not the normal people who go to Bike Week each year, but people who never even knew what Bike Week was. I’m getting a lot of email, and message from people going to Bike week for the first time, people coming back after missing a few years, etc.

The Word on the streets is Black Bike Week (AKA Atlantic BikerFest) is back in full effort for 2010.

Keep spreading the word, share the info with your friends, crew, MC whatever. We goin to do it Big in 2010 for real.

See you on the beach, We staying at Avista “room number coming soon”.

-BlackBikeWeeks Team

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