Riding Checklist – Don't Leave Home with out it.

Riding Checklist:

WarningThe Police will be in full effect in 2010, but as long as your stuff is straight your cool.

Make sure you keep the following item on you at all times:

*Proof of insurance
*Helmet or Bump Cap and Eye wear (if you plan to ride is South Myrtle Beach)

As long as your legal, the police can’t say anything to you, but if you find yourself being harassed, ask the officer for their badge number, and let them know you plan to file a compliant.

If you feel you suffered undo harassment please email us at naacp@blackbikeweek.us

Include the following info:
*You Name
*Officer Badge or License Number
*Location and Time of the Harassment
*Detail description of the harassment

We will forward your complaint to the proper authorities, and do our best to see that the complaint ends up on the officers record, and is addressed the Myrtle Beach Government.

Remember, as long as your having a legal, and safe, good time, there is no reason for you to be un justly harassed by the Myrtle Beach Police.

But, we also have to do our part, and abide by the established rules!

Be safe, be courteous, and have a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

See you on the Beach,