Military Appreciation Days Festival – Warning

Warning to all who plan to attend the Military Appreciation Days Festival!!!

The Myrtle Beach town council is claiming that the Black Bike Week Events, which have taken place for the last 30 year in Myrtle Beach, SC will not take place, but these statement are false.

The Myrtle Beach government passed laws which were created to restrict Black Bike Week in 2008; however despite these attempts 250k Black Bikers showed up at Myrtle Beach in 2009. This was a complete shock to tourist who visited the area during Memorial Day weekend. They were told that Black Bike Week was cancel, but found themselves in shocked when they realized Black Bike Week was still in progress. A few decided to leave Myrtle Beach in the middle of their vacations.

If you plan to attend the Military Appreciation Days, please be advice that Black Bike Week will be in progress while your events are taking place.

Im Military Veteran, and a Veteran small business owner who served 4 years in the US Army with deployments to Kosovo. Don’t allow the Myrtle Beach government to use US as Pawns/Tools in their fight to prevent a 30 year tradition “which has its roots in a fight over racial segregation which included black military service men and women”.

The Creation of Military Appreciation in my opinion is a un authentic attempt to attract more tourists to the area on Memorial Day weekend who are not Black Bikers.

To me personally, the attempt to stop Black Bike Week is a spit in the face of our Freedom to freely travel where we please within the United States of America, and its attempt to create Military Appreciation Day in a Spot Light Ranger attempt at Patriotism, with a hidden agendas at its roots.

Dont fall for the rhetoric. Black Bike Week 2010 will take place in Myrtle Beach, SC on Memorial Day Weekend. You have been warned.

Before you purchase a ticket, hotel, or vacation package, for Military Appreciation Days please do your research. Sources below. Also share this info with anyone who may have been misinformed.


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