Getting Sexy for Black Bike Week

Ok, this winter and these snow storms has done a lil damage to my shape “i ain’t talking fat, just a lil softness”, but it’s all good I’m about to get shit straight in time for Black Bike Week.

I gained like 10 pounds, but i got 2 Month and around 20 days to go.

I’m got my exercise routine on point, and i lost a few pounds already.

Here are some tips to help you get in shape for Bike Week:

* Cut out the snack, especially that un healthy shit, and replace them with healthy snacks and stay snacking, the more you snack on healthy snack, the less hungry you are for big meal. So of the things i get are:
- Apple Chip
- Dried Fruit Snack
- Carrot and Celery with the Ranch

* Get up off the computer and walk around sometimes

* If you drink coffee link myself, get the non dairy creamer and not the lil cream thimble things “they straight up fat”

* Hit the gym, but if you can’t do a lil something before you go to bed and when you wake up “i hit like 10 push up, and 10 sit ups”

* Have intense sex. High energy burns a lot of calories “so don’t let her get on top LOL”

* Setup a plan and a goal. You will be surprise how far you get in shape when you tracking the shit

That’s it.

My problem in my stomach, it aint fat in shit, but it’s getting a little rounder, the six pack line there, but it’s slowing fading. But i got some tips for that to:

In the Army we did these things call flutter kicks “they work”
* Lay on your back with your hands under your ass, and raise your feet like 6 inch
* Rotate your legs up and down
* Feel the burn

Also i want to get my chest and arm back on swole, and i got tips for that.

Wide Arm push up:
Do push up, but put you arms out far with your hands point out.

For the arms do dip
* stand backwards to a chair, with your palms on the chair and dip.

Good luck with getting your shit in shape for Bike week.

See you on the beach