Christian music festival coming to Myrtle Beach

Don’t believe the hype. First the Myrtle Beach government tried to claim there would be an Military Appreciation Day, Now a Christian Music Festival LOL.

Any event planner is knowledgeable enough to know that during the Memorial Day Weekend the City of Myrtle Beach, SC is Black Bike Week.

Google Memorial Day and Myrtle Beach and you will see for your self

Don’t listen to the news claiming different events.

Black Bike Week in Full effect.

Warning to all participants of the Myrtle Beach Governments Christian Music Festival:

You will find your self in the middle of Black Bike Week. Please do your research before you buy a plane ticket or book a hotel room. “You have been warned”

Original Article from the Sun:

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce announced that a Christian music festival will be held in the city this May.

The Beach Blast! Christian Music Festival will be held May 22 on the former site of the Myrtle Square Mall. The event will include several Christian musicians and a speaker.

The festival is the first of four to be announced as part of lineup to promote spring tourism, said Ryan Swaim, chairman of the chambers marketing committee. The events will help fill hotels in the spring, a season that has slowed in recent years, he said.

Source : Sun News