Check Your Source – You can trust us

Check your sources before you take advice, or listen to someones recommendations.

We have heard rumors that agents for the Myrtle Beach Government, and anti Black Bike Week activist are actively monitoring everything online dealing with Black Bike Week, and setting up accounts on forums, FaceBook, Myspace, etc trying to influence and push their agenda.

Here are some of the thing they are rumored to be doing:

  • Spreading Fake Date “trying to confuse people”
  • Acting like protester “trying to persuade you to not come”
  • Posting comments on sites claiming Black Bike Week is Canceled
  • Claiming it was empty in 2009 “check youtube for proof”
  • Claiming new laws “even though none have been added”
  • Claiming other event are being held on Memorial Day weekend
  • Paying other websites to post false information

The Haters are working hard as hell to trying and stop us.

For the Record:
The Dates: May 28-30
The laws: Helmets, No large gathering in parking lot, No loud pipe in South MB

  • If you’re not riding a bike during Black Bike Week, non of the laws affect you!!! , stay in South Myrtle Beach!!
  • If you riding Avoid South MB like cancer “, stay in North Myrtle Beach, Surfside or Atlantic Beach!!!
  • Most parties/events and The Strip are located in South Myrtle Beach “Sorry, but it’s true”
  • Most if not all Biker Events are taking place in Atlantic Beach

Be careful of peoples hidden agenda for real. Please check your sources, because the group who don’t support Black Bike Week are working hard, But we’re working hard too.

!!! Warning If you don’t ride a motorcycle and come to Myrtle Beach only to party NON BIKERS STAY IN SOUTH MYRTLE BEACH. Preferable on the Strip “North Ocean Drive”

If you don’t ride you will be bored our of you mind in Atlantic Beach. Atlantic Beach is only for people who want to Ride. Don’t listen to some Biker who want you to join theIR protest ir boycott of South Myrtle Beach. NON of the LAWS affect NON Biker!!! and ALL OF THE FUN HAPPEN IN SOUTH MYRTLE BEACH!!!

See you on the Beach in 2010.