Atlantic Beach Relaxes Laws for Black Bike Week

Atlantic Beach is relaxing it’s local laws for this year’s Memorial Day Black Bike Week(Bikefest)

Monday night the Atlantic Beach town council members gave initial approval to make changes some of the town’s ordinance regarding vendors, alcoholic beverages, traffic plans and the use of golf carts during this year’s Memorial Day Bikefest (AKA Black Bike Week).

Town officials said the ordinance was being established because certain activities that take place during the annual motorcycle festival are in conflict with the town’s current ordinance.

For example, the ordinance says it is unlawful for people to consume alcohol in public.

Here is run down of the laws:

  • During Black Bike Week police will designate areas in town where people can drink alcohol in public
  • Noise law will be made more lenient, and allow for later hours for loud noise
  • Vendors will be allowed, but restricted to a stationary locations
  • Bikefest organizers will approve or disapprove all amplified entertainment activity
  • A traffic plan will be developed, which will restrict some bike, and auto traffic

Theses relaxed ordinaces only apply during Black Bike Week (May 27-31, 2010).

Final approval is expected to come April 15, 2010 or as early as a month.

South Myrtle Beach is attempting to restrict Black Bike Week but Atlantic Beach is continuing to welcome the Black Biker for the Memorial Day Biker rallies.

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