Why blackbikeweek.us

We wanted to create a great site of excellence, for true black bike week fans. And we felt this would be the place place. Remember Black Bike Week.us “And don’t forget the S”, and if you do then get the F from us”. The S is for superior, and you will see we are creating the most superior site dedicated to Black bike Week, by Black Bike Week verterans.

We seen other site dedicated to black bike week and the atlantic bike fest and black beach week and we didn’t see any quality. Also we noticed a ton of parked domain which could be just using the search keyword to capture traffic. we also noticed a lot of old out dated sites not providing any useful information to the black bike week community.
We also felt that some of these sites might be owned by domain name squatters who might only wanted to make money off the name of the site, while not providing any useful information or content themselve. We repect ligetimate domain name registers, but we don’t like domain name squatters.
We couldn’t let that stand. So we found an available website name that served our purpose. blackbikeweek.us Like Weezy say” Don’t forget the “F” and the F is for Fly; well our site is Black Bike Week “S” “Don’t forget the S” and the S is for superior.

One site owner actually contacted us thinking we were talking about them. We weren’t talking about a single site or individuals ” we can name many sites and parked domains that we feel lack true black bike week quality”. The problem isn’t in one site or person, and if this particular site or individual felt offended We apologize! Our rant is not with any one particular site or person, our rant was with the quality of the web sites.

This problem is with the internet is general, when groups or company’s can control a web sites which they have no expertise in. The site doesn’t feel true and authentic like it came from someone who really cares about the subject in question. We feel the site need to be in the hand of people who actually care.

We care about our site, and we care about Black Bike Week, Memorial Day Weekend, and Myrtle Beach and We will continue to be your number one resource for Black Bike Week (AKA Atlantic Bike Fest)
To any site, group or persons who have an issue with this: Please step your game up, make your site better, compete – not complain. If any other site wants to be better then us GREATt, i would love to have even more great black bike week websites. But it you ain’t going to put in the work, time, and money it takes to create a great site, then go home, turn your site into a parked domain and hope you make some adsense click money.
We’re coming yall, and we going to make the best site, and take every single click of black bike week traffic.

We been patiently waiting for an opportunity to jump on,

Get in our way if you want, and your ass will get rolled on

We been putting in this work for so long. Think We’re going fucking fall off your so wrong!

We are actually in talks to sale this site to a larger group or travel related sites that can dedicated even more time, resources and money into it, and make it even better. A ton of new feature and even mobile support is on the way. More to come soon…..
“In the end, there can only be one” – Highlander
Thank you for your support.
Remember WWW DOT Black Bike Weeks DOT com “Don’t Forget the “S” around us”, and if not then get the F from round us.
Also, buy your hotels through us and save!!!!
blackbikeweek.us is the property of Clarence Middleton, LLC “AKA Small Business Sites Solutions”, a Maryland based Limited Liability Corporation.

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