Segregation Week – Myrtle Beach, SC

Since I start taking up a protest against the Myrtle Beach Governments’ laws “or safety ordinances” which were aimed solely at discouraging the 30 year Black Bike Week events in their city , I’ve had to field all type of questions. From blacks, whites, supporters and non-supporters.

One question which is always asked:

Why not just find another beach to go to?

A lot of people are spreading the word that they will go to another beach that is more welcoming of Black Biker.

Now that’s all and good, but have we forgotten that last 60 years of the civil rights movement. In the past when we have been faced with adversity by a majority white government trying to restrict the right of a group of black people did we just go somewhere else?

Martin Luther King could have taken that stance, and looked for somewhere else to go, Hey there are tons of countries: Japan, Russia, Canada, and Africa, which would have been more accepting of African Americans, right?

Our parents "and their parents built this country.

Our Black Bike Week dollars built Myrtle Beach into what it is today. Don’t let them try to under estimate that. Hotels generate 60 million dollars + alone during the 4 day event.
That supports a 22,000 person population or $2700 per person. That trend has been going on for last 10 years at Black Bike Weeks’ current participation levels, generating millions of dollars over the year for the Myrtle Beach Area. Our dollars helped the city’ growth.

Now they’re fat "off our dollars, built up the towns, roads and infrastructure and now they want to kick us out. Or Segregate us to our own Beaches.
I would rather die standing, then to leave on my knees.

If we let Myrtle Beach get away with this what will happen when other places want to get rid of Black Event?

What laws will we allow cities to pass “in the name of safety” to blatantly stop a group or race from coming to their areas.

This is something you really need to think about!!

When you allow a town to pass laws aimed solely at stopping a select group or race of people “It’s Segregation by an alternate route”.

If we stand by and allow them, when will it stop? What group will be next?

Leaving Myrtle Beach is like the Myrtle Beach Government saying Go back to Africa.

Black bikers unite

America is my home, and Myrtle Beach is my Memorial Day Weekend vacation spot, and I'm not going anywhere.

Not to be mean to other Black Bikers or their views, but leaving somewhere because someone wants you to, isn't taking a stand, it's called running away. I don't run I fight, if not for me, for the future generations.

Support Black Bike Week!!

Spread the word, It's still on!!!

“The strength of the lion tamer does not lie in the fact that he is stronger than the lion, but that the lion thinks he is”

Remix: "The strength of our adversities does not lie in the fact that they are stronger than us, but that we think they are

Myrtle Beach 22,000 votes Black Bike Week 250,000 to 300,000+ vote. Majority wins, isn't that democracy LOL?

I live in the nation's capital, AKA the protest capitol.

Tons of groups come to my city to protest causing traffic and security problems. Sometime groups I don't like. I remember when I was young the Ku Klux Klan wanted to protest on the Washington, DC. I was shocked. I asked my grandfather why would the government allow that, why don't they stop them. He said "because this is a free country with free speech, and even though we may not like them or what they are saying, we can take away their right to free speech, protest and to gather.