Club Kryptonite

Yeah, the shit that kills Super Man LOL,

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Official Bike Week Jump Off Party. After Deck!!!

Naw the Best Club to go to during Black Bike Week Period….

Ain’t no club hyper then Krptonite. Exception alright. 2001 Hot if you into the MC community. And all the over events, are a gamble.

At bike week your not at home. Don’t be scared to goto the same Damn club night after night. “I can hear your boyz or girlz now: “We can’t hit the same club twice in a row”. Like i siad this isn’t home, This is Bike Week. The same people there Friday wont be there Saturday or Sunday “their boyz or girlz got them going somewhere else, LOL” . If you want to have a good time Friday, Saturday and Sunday Hit Kryptonite. No, I’m not being paid by Kryptonite “but if the owner wants to hook me up, cool”

Be smart and take good advice, leave the other clubs, events, private parties, etc for experiementer, Don’t YOU experiment with your Bike Week vacation.

  • Driving 8 hours in a F-150 carrying a bike= Gas = $120
  • Outfits for Bike week = $500
  • Drinks and shit $200
  • Hotel = $859
  • Wasting your vacation at whack ass clubs or events = Priceless!!!

Stick with the “tried and true” Kyptonite!!

This year they are during it up real big, and they are in North Myrtle, so no polcie harrasment.
I been almost any and everywhere, and me personally I had the best time at Club Krpytonite.
Why it's the best to me

It's all about the party: Some spot all about MC and that cool, but at night i want to party, not rep.

Women, Women, and More women. The ratio is nice, and the way the women dress is even nicer. I mean I like a biker women, but i would prefer her dressed a bikini and some heel over colors in a night club.

Attitude: at some event, it's a in and out feeling. MC member are in, non MC members are out. in Kyrptonite It's all about parting together as one.

Quality: Kryptonite present's it's self as a real club. It got VIP, it's Organized, and the location is quailty. Some other spot are just a rented housed with house speakers, and their boy as the DJ.

Promotions and Crowd: I don't care what party you throwing if people don't know about it, they ain't coming. Kryptonite and DJ Blord got a yearly following, and it's get promoted big time and real money is invested in it, so the people come in "1,000s". Some other event don't really promo or depend on walk ups and only a few people hear about and show up.

I warned you!!!! Don’t be at Bikers Bob’s whack as event, “looking like a sausage party”, mad as shit LOL!!!

Preview of the Club:
Kryptonite Dance FloorKryptonite Dance VIPKryptonite Pool in VIP!!!