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Black Bike Week Hotel Suggestions

Where should you stay during black bike week?

Ok, i’m about to keep it all the real with you. No cut, no chaser, no hidden agenda.

There are 3 parts: Atlantic Beach, North Myrtle Beach and South Myrtle Beach “also called just Myrtle Beach”

All of the parties, and the strip is located in South Myrtle Beach, but South Myrtle Beach also passed laws trying to prevent Bikers.

So your choice of location depends on three things:

1. If you ride or not

2. If you want to “party hard” or get your grown and sexy on

3. If you sweating the Helmet laws or not

If you ain’t riding and just want to party stay in: South Myrtle Beach

If you trying to be grown and sexy, “riding or not” stay in North Myrtle

If you a die hard rider and hate the Myrtle Beach government stay in Atlantic Beach.

Warning, if you don’t ride don’t stay in Atlantic Beach, and if you choose North Myrtle Beach try to pick a hotel close to South Myrtle. A lot of people are going to tell non riders “the party is going to be in North or Atlantic Beach this year” Tell their ass to show you proof. In 2009 Most the parties took places in the South.

Why people telling non riders that: Some of Bikers want to Boycott the Myrtle Government Completely, and don’t want anyone to stay in South Myrtle Beach “bikers or not” and they are individually promoting North Myrtle or Atlantic Beach or where ever THEY choose to stay. One problem, how far will their promotions go???

Here are a few tips:

The Party is divided into TWO areas: Myrtle Beach & North Myrtle Beach. If you are not careful you could book a hotel more than 10 miles away from the activities (10 miles in Bike Week traffic = 1:00 + finding parking seriously!). I suggest finding a hotel near Bay View on the Beach if you staying is South Myrtle Beach, and a hotel near Avista Resort if you staying in North Myrtle Beach. Those are fool-proof location.

If your Hotel is not within 2 mile of the area below “See Map”,YOUR TOO FAR!!

South Myrtle Beach Map

North Myrtle Beach Map

….. coming soon

TOP 5 Hotel at Black Bike Week!!! (email us at hotel@blackbikeweek.us with your pick of the best hotels)

!Warning! These top 5 hotels will book up FAST. Get in Early !Warning! you have been warned


5. Breakers Resort

4. Patricia Grand Hotel

3. Sherato Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel

2. WestGate Resorts

1. Bay View Hotel ” Like Drake say, The Fucking Best, Best I Ever had. LOL”

Reserve your HOTEL EARLY!!! Trust me, you don’t want to wait till the last minute and get what’s left over!! I’ve been there LOL!!!

Getting a good Bike Week hotel location is like getting front row seats at a concert vs the nose bleed section.

Let me re emphasis this. I know sometimes my people like to wait to the last minute LOL. get your room early. Don’t be mad when you trying to get a hotel and all the good one are sold out “Seriously – ask around”.


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