Black Bike Week History

We tried to spear head an attempt to put Black Bike Week down in history by creating an encyclopedia article about it. We put it up on
We want to highlight Black Bike Weeks history and the recent events surrounding the Myrtle Beach Governments attempts to stop it, and the Supreme Court hearings.
The article is looking alright, but we can use your help.

The article is located at:

We need you to share your research, and histories, around Black Bike Week. Its been going on for 30 years now

Other White Bike Week groups have their own articles detailing their history, events, etc. We should do the same!

If you are familiar with Wikipedia or just want to help, please do.

Those who control the past, govern the present, and create the future

Lets not lose our Black Bike Week History, or allow it to be written by the wrong people.

In the future people are going to ask What was Black Bike Week? What will they find? His-Story or ours?


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Also check out this highly recommend book are the history of Atlantic Beach, SC