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BLACK BIKE WEEK IN MYRTLE BEACH: An abnormal condition of affairs frictions in the airs during Black bike week even the whack hyped freaks seem to be touring In Myrtle Beach on Memorial Day Weekend, a lots of wild in it Bikes a mile a minute, romantic on the Atlantic Beach a legit Bike Fest and like the rest good music, partying never quit Somehow the event sways now-a-days to once a year look biking Is a mode of life with a load of strife must have a code nice as a Viking To freaking survive can be eaten alive as a scrub bazaar and sub par Biking is no circus man must have a purpose and plan and love far Driving on a motorcycle, street crave to excite and ablaze with lights Got a HARLEY DAVIDSON FXDCI deft complex and be fly got heights To no limits a kick stand with a sick plan lyrical and stealth with material Wealth such as a chrome side cover with the strategy of a fox imperial With a chrome battery box got a twin cam in the wind slam tires on Pave my desires crave for a race blaze the place the fun is hot and strong For a lover while riding on Dunlop rubber dressed in bold leather For the cold weather in South Carolina gonna be a biker forever Need a ride or die chick quick like Eve on the Loxs she exists with A kiss, so look book Im shook on you girl you have tits as features With legit leisures in bed you hips incred plus your lips red like teachers In sex movies, so boo let me achieve my goal and in turn youll receive A whole loving, we could have a relationship and make devastation trips with ease To the bedroom wanna make you scream and cream girl wait HARLEY You ill with the rap and wanna fill my gap with a hot cock if I drop my panties I got hot candies I had to hurdle cock just to get to the Myrtle parking lot Fannies Strut butt, not ready to give it up well boo you wanna ride and glide in the wind? I Maybe hot baby but Im not crazy so stop the gravy talk or Im gonna walk then Boo what you wanna do naw what you gonna do? Im get your tongue because you Just a wet honey bun and I want some real bad

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